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Jonathan Mehring dosen’t like to be told how to shoot a picture. But, what he likes even less is to be told that he can’t do a trick on his skateboard. We chalenged him at the mega ramp to see if he would actually try it. Sure enough, he hit a 60 foot method first try. Way to go buddy!

“I just closed my eyes and took it back to my roots! I ain’t no punk bitch!” – Johnathan Mehring

The real shocker of the day...
The real shocker of the day…

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You might have seen this before. So. Look at it again.

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Good Karma, not so good karma

I hope you know who Karma Tsocheff is. Dude can shred. One awesome dude to look up to in skateboarding. Well, we heard thru the grapevine that he is kinda stoked on enjoi and that he wanted an enjoi board with his name on it. The thing is, he rides for the cube. Guess he didn’t let that stop him. Way to go Karma!

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Slap pals?

Remember when Jer did that crazy stunt down that Lincon set? Pretty cool, huh? Anyways, we tried to get all gnar on MW, Brooke and EBO at Slap and tell them they had to use this as a cover or our friendship is over.



Well? We haven’t talked to them in a long time. 

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80's gay?

The Kid 5.0′s over some sweet graffiti.


gay     P   Pronunciation Key  (g)
adj. gay·er, gay·est
Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
1.Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
2.Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.
3.Given to social pleasures.
4.Dissolute; licentious.

1.A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex.
2.A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.

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art = coolness

Art is cool. People that make art are cool. When you have art in an art show, you’re cooler than the Fonz (from an 80′s comedy called Happy Days). There was a lot of cool people that had cool art at a cool gallery named ONSIX Gallery- Carpe Diem. One of the coolest peeps there was Jason Adams. His art is really cool. There are some photos of him, his cool art and his cool friends that had cool art as well somewhere on another website for you to see. Some other gallery sold The Kids art for mucho dinero. This little peice went to some lucky cool guy for a high triple digit amount. Pretty sweet!

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prime time boob tube!

Some dude submitted this short film about our very own Nestor Judkins in order to swindle some product and money out of us. No dice. Maybe we’ll try and get him to make more in the future. You can see more of his short movies and his homies photos if you want. But, you might want to see if ther’s a re-run of Desperate Houswives on. You could really be missing out.

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mice pace

You know you hit the big time when people are making fake myspace profiles of you. Too bad they only have a little over a hundred friends. Guess we ain’t that big time.

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If you have ever been to an ASR trade show, you know how they can be. They are the ultimate in skateboarding’s soap opera maddness. There’s a ton of bikini girls walking around in next to nothing handing out free drinks to all the little boys and girls to consume. Just imagine what fun that can be. So, get a grey hound ticket, steal a badge and get your tight little pants ass wearing grom self down to San Diego so you can be a part of the coolest event since Moffat Couinty’s Roadkill Cook Off.

Or, you can click below and watch the enjoi trailer that’s playing there and tell people that you went. Tell them you blazed some hunnies from the reef booth, the trailer was garbage and you can’t remember anything else. Who wouldn’t believe that?

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little jerry

Youtube has all kinds of craze. We found Jerry’s Maple part from when he was a little stunt fetus shot outta Sue’s womb. Maple went outta business because of Jer. Oh, to be young and in demand.

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