white on rice

Just in case you wanted to dance like Jason Adams and Caswell Berry…..

order now.

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Enjoi and Almost Demo!!!!

It was so fun. Cooper was killing it. Haslam was being Canadian. But, none of us can remeber being there. Strange.

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Did you ever see this Duffs commercial of Jason? No? Well, check it out then. The band is the Shitkickers. They’re cool.

Green room Beeeeeoootch!
Green room Beeeeeoootch!

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NikeSB super filmer, Joey Digital, jumps on the bandwagon and hits the open highway in search of sunsets, adventure and new horizons.

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Cairo en fuego.

Get them while they are hot!

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Fun With Graffiti

The following pictures have been rated R – Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian 21 years or older with photo I.D. These photos contain, strong adult language, strong sexuality, nudity, strong violence, and/or gore, and drug use.

Well, maybe not violence or drug use, but it sure sounds cool, huh?


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P 'n A

We consulted or panda advisors to see where our new direction should be headed. Lot of help they are.

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Turk For Life!

If you like:







and other fun stuff, you just may love Jai Tanju’s website. There’s all kinds of photos. Pro’s, girls, parties, pain, suffering, he shoots it all. You might just see a bunch of the enjoi dudes on there as well. 

We can’t figure out what’s more shocking, the fact that Jai has a website, or the fact that he figure out how to turn a computer on.

Way to go Turk! 

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Asian Elvis by the Kid

Jason Adams is skilled with Aerosol cans and stencils. He made a doozy of our very own Jerry Hsu. The Kid’s art is in high demand these days. You better get some for your very own.

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All Hail Neil!

When you get to be as big as Neil Diamond, you can act however you want. He is solid gold 90% of the time. But, everyone has their bad nights.

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