reach for the stars

I have a little brother that just started his junior year in high school. Today he told me that his  English teacher asked everyone to tell the class who their greatest inspiration is. He told me that some kid wearing enjoi pants, t-shirt and hat stood up and said “My greatest inspiration is Caswell Berry, professional skateboarder.” Good lord. Way to inspire! Aim high, little dude!

Larry Berry and some wall-eye

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across the world

Found this picture Mr. O’meally shot of Caswell doing a FSA over Louie’s Rambo impression on the Transworld site. You should go there and write “First” in all the comment boxes. That would be so cool. Hella cool.

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Wall nuts

In case you can’t tell, we jock Todd Bratrud pretty hard. He’s having a show in SF soon. You should go check it out and you will understand why.

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