shi shi

how do you know when a trip was a success? when you get a full page article in the local paper, of course! the enjoi dudes were featured in the shenzen daily explaining why professional skateboarders come to china for skating. well, that’s what they tried to do. They took photos of with telephoto lens’s from about 3 feet away, shot bails and made up quotes from all the dudes on the trip. we wouldn’t expect anything less from the press. at least the chinese girls at the lobby of the hotel were stoked on it.

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enjoi wabonging

dudes got back from china. the residual 1′s and 0′s that make up images will be here for you to survey over the next few days and maybe even into the next week. Few things to keep you eyelids peeled back for: super secret  skateboarder photo guy; new rider??!! hardest working videographer in the massage parlor; laziest mexican in the game; tsing toa; and dog, the new beef?

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amazing larry has put up the caswell interview from the new skateboard mag. you can read about archadongs, beer plungers and more good stuff from larry.

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wellity wellity wellity.

looks like our very own nestorissey is now officially on the RVCA gear.

peep his team rider page thing here.


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"louie, tell them to put this on the enjoi site"

Hey friends,
what are you wearing?
i mean, what are you doing?

i have a small favor to ask:

Ryan and I are complete opposites:
He’s young, i’m old.
he’s skinny, i’m fat.
I can not 360 flip lipslide a rail
BUT i already found a chill girl.
so i’m one step ahead of him in that department.
BUT he has a 2003 land rover.
and i want it.

and he’ll give it to me if i raise the most money for cancer.

So help me win Ryan’s car!

I figure if everyone donates just two dollars each; i’m a shoe in.

Sure, two dollars can feed a family in Africa rice for a month
or maybe help some crappy death metal band from Iraq get a gig
but Africa is such an 80s cause
and who listens to death metal anymore?

This is 2008 and materialism is where its at.
It’s the most worthy cause i can think of.
i mean aside from this cancer thing that we’re raising money for.

so if you don’t mind, click here

and donate a couple bucks.
I really need a new car.
I mean, Cancer would appreciate it.
No. Wait.
That’s not right.
Cancer will be pissed if you donate money.
This is anti-cancer stuff.
Don’t you want to rebel against cancer?
pretend cancer is your parents.
Tell cancer how much you hate it by donating $2 or more now.
operators are standing by.

chris nieratko

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cross marketing

check out jerry’s profile on the new emerica site.

you can learn jerry’s birthday, his marital status, and why he only has thrift store photos for the enjoi site.


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we were thinking of making these license plate covers, but looks like some one beat us to the punch.

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planet caswell

our buddy, daryl, looked through a telescope into the heavens only to find a new planet that he said resembled caswell berry. We imagine it looks something like this…

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ching chong china

some of the dudes are going to china in a few days for some happy endings, noodle dishes and reeb. hopefully we can get some updates on what happens out there. maybe, just maybe, jerry will dazzle us with another thrift store update while they are all gone. highly unlikely though. oh yea, a super secret guest skater and a surprise photographer will be on the china trip as well (we like to bring guest skateboarders to ensure that some good skating happens).

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sweety pie

mr. nice guy, aka cairo foster hooked this kid up good for whatever reason. then he went and kicked the crap out of jose.

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