open bar, paid for by enjoi

most the dudes have been on the road the last couple days doing some demos, signings and some street skating. you won’t be seeing shit on this web site very often because this site is a hot steamy turd. you can follow daily posts on the slap site and joe breezy (and dudes) doing that silly twitter thang. right now it’s c.berry, joser, wiegy, CLARK, tor, and ben. louie and jer will meet up with everyone later, they had cool halloween parties to attend. cairo will meet up a little after them if he can pull the string out.

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(insert clever TOUR name here)

the dudes are leaving for tour tomorrow (tuesday). meeting up with joe breezy and big blue out in detroit. there will be some demos and signings going down, but since we don’t really have our sh*t together we don’t really know when and where as of yet. check in daily with for some more insight to what the hell is going on. also, if you are so inclined, you can follow mr. breezy’s twitter and see what’s happening when it happens (or however those things work). there will probably be an article whenever the gents over at slap feel like putting it “live” (is that the correct web term?). you can check back in here too in case the motel 6′s have some free wifi for us to post silly photos of jose buying new pants, caswell eating fast food, wieger being a ginger, etc etc.

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caswell gets his wax on

caswell wax head 3

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no hard feelers

got this text minutes after the last post. guess schmitty didn’t like what was said about his filming and feels the need to rebuttal. sorry schmitty. it’s not like anyone looks at this god forsaken site, right?smith

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double rock with your cock out!

cas and joser suck up to phelps and film some skateboard stunts in their new cute park. if we were to guess, the stuff that is filmed somewhat ok was shot by creepy and the blurry, far away, shakey stuff was shot by schmitty. but who knows. we aren’t known for our intelligence over here at enjoi hq.dble_rock

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boner round

those tiltmode guys have a bunch of videos up on the site that you should check out. if you haven’t bought yourself a copy of bonus round you are seriously blowing it. parts from cairo, caswell, jerry, jose, nestor and plenty more to boot. head on over there and get yourself a copy before armageddon comes around and twists your cap back.bonusroundAD1OUTNOW

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we were wondering if cairo would make a good robocop for halloween. luckily we found this video of him as robocop and decided that he should probably pick a costume that hides his face.

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I'd like to take that for a cruise;)


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feel the burn

jerry and louie know that a good stretch is important to maintain a healthy body and career. they don’t do it that often though.


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and jerry wins again.

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