mr. hassler’s dogs were barkin. what happens when mr. hassler’s dogs are barkin? they get bought a cool chair that massages his feet. we can’t have them dogs being all sore now can we? those dogs have some work to do.clark getting foot massage1

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to whom it may concern,

please excuse little jerry hsu from any physical activity for the next two weeks as he isn’t feeling well, please feel free to call me if you have any concerns with this.


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what the hell is a book?

little boy ben raemers has this cool two-pager in the new skatebook/hellmag whatever it’s called (that thing is heavy as hell). jose has a 24 page feature in there as well, but ben is younger so maybe we shouldn’t even mention jose here.ben_fswall

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harry jew

go get yourself the new skateboarder magazine so you can rip off the cover and put lil jerry on your wall.SKTP-091100-COV-purps

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our big push in the industry

this is what we have been working on for the past few months. good job everyone. ice cream all around. not you, cairo. you get brussel sprouts for being poopypants.

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caswell gets a frontside

triple kink surfer slidecaswell_surf_rail (more…)

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gym life

wieger has been hitting the gym and training for a pie eating contest or some shit.buff_weigernotice the other soleless human in the background. sometimes things get awkward around too many gingers.

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ben chillin

mr. raemers hits you with a nice reminder of staying out the pen. check him out over on the slap site where he skated for a few minutes at rippon before the heat and sun got the better of him.ben_don'tgotojail

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