armadillo dreams



we teamed up with our friends at fast forward to create this collab to show some love for the texas state animal, the armadillo!
pick one up at any fast forward skate shop or on their website here:


coming soon to transworld skateboarding magazine

no shirt no problem

Jack Fardell closes it down over at the Berrics

background check with pandartist jason adams

Warning: this video is 13 minutes long and contains absolutely no skateboarding. this is an informational piece about the pandartist jason adams. if you are a jason adams fan, grab a cold beer, sit back, relax, and watch … and learn about the enjoi alumni and pandartist, jason adams!!!


Catch the party recap HERE at TWS and HERE at Thrasher.

holiday 2015



it’s time for some new stuff… click to view the new ecatalog


EU must be trippin’

Sweet Lou hits up Europe with some of the Globe team

pandartist series episode #66 – “Jason Adams”


This is an enjoi commercial for the artist Jason Adams who created the new “enjoi – presidents series.”

impact – enjoi team ridden and approved


no bullshit… Cairo Foster and Zack Wallin explain why they ride impact.

one foot forward two steps back

we hit the road to join up with zumiez best foot forward, check out the shenanigans in episode 3 on the berrics.