1. pietu says:

    insta @pietu_x

    Piss blood and die

  2. Jessie Lafleur says:

    Hello, my name is Jessie i am 13 years old in grade 7. i would love to get some stickers for me to put on my skateboard,binder,scooter and more i really like your enjoy decks and other products please and thank you:)

  3. blah blah bullshit says:

    I love the way enjoi just tell ppl to in a polite way to gtfo when the ask for stickers

  4. Cone says:

    i still don’t like u

  5. Great White North S8 says:

    It’s your boi mike swigs coming at you from Toronto looking for some real deal sticker

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi enjoi I was wonder inf I could have a free dildo and a free 200 pound skateboard and a free enjoi wheel and free cell ceramics and a thousand quid?

  7. Zoltan says:


  8. Püpü says:

    Shred the gnar m8s

  9. wurstwasser says:

    ene mene mopel, wer frisst popel?

  10. Severin says:

    Brook is a fag

  11. hannah slammajamma says:

    well goddamn i sure do love me some FEELS

  12. A Arthur says:

    Could really use some Enjoi stickers for my collection…let me know…will send SASE……Thank You

  13. Mike Mo Capaldi says:

    I dont skate

  14. Jesse says:

    Slap me five

  15. Zay Hippy says:

    Hey, My name is Zay Hippy.I am 16 Years Old, ive been skating fur 11 years. My Best Tricks Are Fakie TreFlip, Full Cab,Fakie Front And Backside Flip. I Would Love tp be sponsored by your company1 I am a singer, song writer, producer and engineer. Im All Over google. search Me Youll find vids of me skating and my music videos on youtube. Please Contact me back 2036859563

  16. gjmzfkdp says:

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  17. chrismrbitches says:


  18. ryan sports says:

    anyone have a plaidworks deck ? cant find them anywhere. hmu on instagram @ ryan_sports

  19. Anonymous says:

    What’s happening

  20. qpatty says:

    louie is the maan

  21. Jack Tossell says:

    Who ever is reading this, I love enjoi! I’ve just finished watching oververt and I think it’s sick!

  22. @interwebfamous says:

    you guys should make an anime series of boards!

  23. Chris Wise says:

    I will pay you such a stupid amount of money for an enjoi gangster-ish wallet. All of my dosh. You can have it. I just want the thing that I know you used to make because I can’t find it anywhere on the whole wide internet and you guys are my only hope. I’ll pay you in money. I’ll pay you in tacos. I’ll pay you in heartfelt greeting cards that you can save for when you forget your moms birthday. Just please help me out

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