1. Anonymous says:

    What’s happening

  2. qpatty says:

    louie is the maan

  3. Jack Tossell says:

    Who ever is reading this, I love enjoi! I’ve just finished watching oververt and I think it’s sick!

  4. @interwebfamous says:

    you guys should make an anime series of boards!

  5. Chris Wise says:

    I will pay you such a stupid amount of money for an enjoi gangster-ish wallet. All of my dosh. You can have it. I just want the thing that I know you used to make because I can’t find it anywhere on the whole wide internet and you guys are my only hope. I’ll pay you in money. I’ll pay you in tacos. I’ll pay you in heartfelt greeting cards that you can save for when you forget your moms birthday. Just please help me out

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