1. Alen Lee says:

    Hi bros, if you’re having free time you could visit our city for a couple of days before freaking snow comes down on the streets. The city’s Almaty in Kazakhstan, if you’re thinking of something funny, well, that’s my email: ,you can write to me and I’ll appreciate it! By the way, skateboarding in our city is on the good level, so we can provide some great spots to you! You may remember Clark & Wieger has been shredding some spots, hope there’s possibility to show you…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello i look for enjoi communist pig hoodie where can i find?

  3. dylan says:

    what’s enjoi’s slogan?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is your companys email

  5. Gabe Rutherford says:

    Hello I love your company and was wondering if you could send me some free stickers.
    411 St. John’s Rd Delafield WI 53018

  6. Eddy says:

    Love this company and is everyone on the team from San Jose?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best decks in the game

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone got a size guide for the t-shirts? Route One (retailer carrying enjoi shirts) in the UK told me they were on this website but I don’t see ‘em.

  9. Enjoi lover says:


  10. Nolan Roebke says:

    Hey sorry to bother you guys but I was riding one of your boards and I was doing a backside board slide and it just snapped on me I’ve only had the board a week and it was fine I was wondering if science this happened if I could get like some merch or some shit I was just wondering thanks for taking the time to read this

  11. Jacob Smith says:

    Hey guys,
    Jacob here, I am a massive fan of your decks and graphics . I was wondering if I could have some Enjoi stickers to put on my skateboard and helmet. I would love to represent your flipping awesome brand. If you do give out stickers my address is 29 Grainger Cct Melba ACT Australia. My post code is 2615. Thanks for making such an awesome brand.
    Thanks heaps,
    Jacob Smith

  12. fdghdsdfsDdfdFsdf says:


  13. Matt McPeak says:

    I was skating one of your decks yesterday and it rolled and hit a box at my local skate park and chipped badly the first day I used it. Either a defect or just bad luck idk. I posted pics on enjois facebook page. super disappointed but still going to skate enjoi no doubt. gimme some stickers or deck or something and I’ll love you guys for bringing up my mood about this!

  14. Abel Roux says:

    Hello, my name is Abel, I’m 13 years old.
    I like ENJOI a lot.
    Would it please be possible to send me stickers ???
    If you need me to, I can send you a stamped envelope.

    My address : Adrian Roux
    80 Terra Vista Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    Thank you very much =)

  15. BROCK says:

    could you guys hook me up with some stickers

  16. jeron says:

    Hello! I absolutely love your brand and products and was wondering if i could receive some stickers to support and represent your company! My address is:
    HCR 1 BOX 4124
    KEAAU, HI 96749

    Thank you so much for amazing products!
    -Jeron G

  17. ilove42069 says:

    hey guys ive been making some sick stickers and i was wondering if you guys would want to promote my company by putting my stickers on your boards and giving them away at skateshops and at demos and stuff so yeah can i have your address? thanks guys cant wait to work with you!!!!!11 sk8 4 lyfe legalize it betch

  18. Amber says:

    Hey guys, my name is Amber Redmond and I love your company.Could you send me free stuff like stickers so I can rep you.My address is Lakemist, Corronagh ,Virginia, Cavan, Ireland,00000. Thanks,Amber

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi i’m Riana . I’ve been a big fan of your products for some time. I was wondering if it was possible to receive some company stickers so I could rep your stuff on my car and skateboard.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:
  22. Butcher says:


  23. Seb says:

    dear enjoi my name is Seb
    I love your company they are shred
    I collect stickers and would love to get some enjoi ones that would be awesome
    From Seb

  24. sparks says:

    vert is rad, shout out to all the legends. shout out to style. you kooks can keep your 720 flips and dolphin lazers.. I’d rather just cruise and watch 80′s vids. thank you enjoi for keeping style alive,

  25. satan says:


  26. Justice Winslow says:


  27. Will Johnstone says:

    The Dan Drebohl Guest Artist Collection, especially CAswell Berry’s deck, is going to sell a trillion fuckin decks

  28. Beef says:

    Why doesn’t bufoni have a pro model? Doesn’t she ride for you?

  29. Brandon says:

    Your team is the shit. AZ says hi.

  30. shithead says:


  31. Vaqal says:

    can you boys hit me with the mister fister twister tornado sister while licking me underside of my toe?

  32. enjoi says:


  33. Harrison says:

    Hey enjoi!
    If you could email me, I would be interested in promoting your brand, Thanks!

  34. ChrissyKa says:

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  35. Georgia says:

    Hi Enjoi team,
    The reason I am emailing you is that I was wondering if you had any stickers you are able to send to me. I know you distribute stickers, If you had any extra time and wouldn’t mind, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send something to my address, which i won’t put on here for everyone to see. Maybe email me?
    I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year!
    Thank you in advance for anything you can send my way,

  36. gjxjimcx says:

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  37. evan says:


  38. evan says:

    How come my jimmy Carlin scoot or die board is a full concave and my d mellow like your site says?

  39. Makayla says:

    I’m getting my new board by you guys! I’m honestly super excited . Maybe some new stickers? address is
    412 winter drive
    boise, idaho

  40. Johnny the Priest says:

    Praise be to the lord Voltron

  41. Ken says:

    Hey check out and enjoi (wink wink) my cool and wacky beats use them in your skiing videos i only charge old lottery tickets and chuke cheese coupons

  42. dave says:

    i love enjoi i buy the hole stock of t-shirts in our local store

  43. adam sims says:

    My name is Adam Sims and I love your company. I had your stickers all over my gear and loved reping your brand. My boards and stickers wore out and now I have new stickerless gear. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to send some stickers to a rider looking to represent.

    Thank you

  44. to herp says:

    why r they assholes?

    maybe because you’re a little shit.

  45. Jake Platt says:

    Hey Guys

    My name is Jake, I am the editor of a new skateboard & fashion magazine, “Off The Rail”

    Check out our first digital issue here

    And our instagram page: OFFTHERAIL_MAG

    I am currently looking for content for the 2nd issue, and I am happy to offer free advertising in this issue, if your company is interested in featuring.

    I look forward to working with you.

    Best Regards

  46. Philthy says:

    bought a board yesterday… nose snapped fifteen minutes later… what’s up with that enjoi!?

  47. Summer says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of your products and i was wondering if you could send me some freebees like stickers or other things, so that i could promote your company in my community. If so….
    1086 Limerick Lane Hartford WI 53027

  48. Archie says:

    Are you the end slices of bread in a loaf, because nobody wants you

  49. Pandaux says:

    Best jeans…

  50. smitty werbenjagmen says:

    I want my hat back

  51. Jerin George says:


  52. Ethan says:

    Hi I m a big fan of your company and was wondering if I could have some stickers for my board and car.
    If so send to 99 Weston Manor Sw, Calgary, Alberta. My postal code is T3H 5N8.

  53. Leamon says:

    Impact is the shit . I get new boards for the fun of it , not cause thay break, break dance pop lock yes .Sweet lue sweet you and me skateboarding is the key set your self free and enjoi

  54. Ariel says:

    Hello my name is ariel and was hopping that I could talk to yall I like to know to be sponsor by your company so if could email my back I apreciate it

  55. Smithk844 says:

    Do you agree with my statement that this post is awesome? afdkfgdbdbdafeek

  56. hardbodythug says:


  57. brooks says:

    are you guys going to go out of business?

  58. Heath says:

    M7+1 (!)

  59. fireincairo says:

    Sorry to see you had some issues with your board. Turns out the messages on here haven’t been read lately. Thanks for all your support!

  60. fireincairo says:

    yes…yes it is

  61. fireincairo says:

    hi five

  62. fireincairo says:

    He’s doing good! Thanks for asking

  63. fireincairo says:

    We will try and find a box big enough for Louie to fit inside

  64. fireincairo says:

    Hit up your local skateshop

  65. Phoebe says:

    Where are the skateboards

  66. mix up says:

    you know what you can enjoy?


  67. WEEZER GEEZER says:

    how much cocaine has dingle berry snorted?

  68. GAVID DRAVETTE says:

    “p2? has there been a p1?”

  69. John Koffman says:

    Hi, my name is John Koffman, I’m a big fan of your company and I was wondering if I could get some company stickers to put on my skateboard and car to advertise your company. If so, please send them to 703 Angelwing Lane, Frederick, MD 21703. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, I will always be a big fan of you guys!

  70. Aidan says:

    i fucking love you

  71. your mom says:

    eat healthy

  72. Kerry Humperdinck says:

    I really love your company. I would like to rep enjoi at my next skate session. But I have no money so could you please send me Louie Barletta. The actual person. For free. Please I’ll put him on my helmet. Hope to see you soon Louie!

  73. zack says:

    can i get stickers? i love enjoi stuff!!!
    at 180 bourque, gatineau, quebec, canada, j8y1y2

  74. Anonymous says:

    To the Enjoi company:
    I can not begin to tell you how much I love your products. You have turned me from a nerd to a cool kid with the confidence of a queen. I would love to further advertise your company, and I was wondering if you had any freebies you could send, just like a small shirt, or some stickers. I love all of your products, and I sincerely thank you for my metamorphosis.

    You can reach me at:
    Shaianne Nickerson
    189 Cartpath rd.
    North Wilkesboro, NC, 28659


  75. @raemers says:

    Hey team hows it going how is caswell doing

  76. Matt connolly says:

    Dear, Enjoi
           I’m a really big fan of your company and l love your products! If possible could I get some stickers to put on my lab top and room.
    Thank you

    If so please send to
    Address: 6 Cary way
    City: Nahant  MA
    Zip code: 01908
    Country: USA

  77. Matthew Horstead says:


    I just wanted to take the opportunity to say I love your products. I own a few things and would appreciate some sweet free stickers or lanyard or a promotional product to get your company out there among people I know. I would like to put my potential stickers etc on my binders, skateboard, locker etc. Anything you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My mailing address is 11724 Alderwood Crescent, Delta, BC, Canada, V4E 3E6

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Matthew Horstead

  78. Margera says:

    we want moar full concave!!!!

  79. rad says:


  80. Anonymous says:

    Hello i have your product and was hoping you could send me out a few stickers..represent
    Chuck dufresne
    33605 calumet
    Westland mich.48186

  81. Noah says:

    Smoke weed

  82. Jessie Lafleur says:

    Hello, my name is Jessie i am 13 years old in grade 7. i would love to get some stickers for me to put on my skateboard,binder,scooter and more i really like your enjoy decks and other products please and thank you:)

  83. blah blah bullshit says:

    I love the way enjoi just tell ppl to in a polite way to gtfo when the ask for stickers

  84. Cone says:

    i still don’t like u

  85. Great White North S8 says:

    It’s your boi mike swigs coming at you from Toronto looking for some real deal sticker

  86. Anonymous says:

    hi enjoi I was wonder inf I could have a free dildo and a free 200 pound skateboard and a free enjoi wheel and free cell ceramics and a thousand quid?

  87. Zoltan says:


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