1. Eli says:

    I will allow Enjoi to paint my car covering the entire car with their logo for a couple of decks.

  2. Randy Butternubs says:

    Piss out my ass. Makin some green dragon after school today! Fuck yeah.

  3. donavon says:


  4. DixiEnormous says:

    ( , )( , )
    ) (
    ( () )

  5. paeniscupcake says:


  6. paeniscupcake says:


  7. paeniscupcake says:

    paenis cupcake

  8. Assfart says:


  9. BEANERS!!! says:

    Davie davie chips and gravy how does your garden grow?

  10. LoafOfMeat says:

    P2 your pussy and let Dwindle make that cash!

  11. donavon says:

    hey you guys go watch videos by doubleumedia on youtube and subscribe and like and stuff so my friend can make money from youtube

  12. donavon says:

    hey enjoi watch this then sponsor me i don’t care that i suck i need a new board

  13. AVG says:

    I agree, Enjoi should put P2 decks in their near future as it would give them a mighty profit. P2 Enjoi decks would be very good if you ask me, as they would have tons of pop and last longer.

  14. blblablabla says:

    I almost landed my first ollie today! im only 32, i reckon with time i could become pro!

  15. jerryhsusblackbrotha says:

    Okay I kinda agree had a almost rodey mullen p2 and was pretty good kicked filped down a 6 stair=-O

  16. jerryhsusblackbrotha says:

    Hey I just did a nollie half over crooks with hsu’s board thanks

  17. Enjoi Needs P2 Decks says:

    #E n j o i N e e d s P2

    #E v e r y O n e L o o k U p p2 decks if you dont know what dey is we fucking need em

  18. Enjoi Needs P2 Decks says:


    Zero,flip plan b creature and a shit more have em lets get enjoi to have em trust me there the shit i even did a test with it and got on this box i couldnt with regular enjoi soooo please just comment so they notice…

  19. donavon says:

    i landed two 1080s and i’m like 5 or something

  20. douche bag says:

    give me your merchandise or else
    now bitchis

  21. hong kong chucky dol says:

    Do you guys care that a 12 year old landed a 1080??? Honestly I don’t give a shit because having your soccer dad get you into skating doesn’t seem like fun. but hey who am I to say?

  22. Captain Planet says:

    I own an enjoi board myself, and cant stay off of it

  23. faure says:

    bonjour je fait des compétitions de skate en France et autres pays et j’aurais voulu savoir si vous auriez pu m’envoyer un plaquette d’autocollant à fin que je puisse en mettre sur ma planche car j’ai beaucoup de vêtement de votre marque puis j’aime bien votre marque merci de me répondre même si la réponse est négative.

    merci cordialement.

  24. Jack Mason says:

    can i get sposerd from u guys

  25. Poop Dumper says:

    I love enjoi. You guys are rad. I love poop

  26. jo mamma says:

    make some high tech boards

  27. Lucy_Alabama says:

    I also really enjoy the idea of a group blog mostly because I’ve always been a fan of group blogs a la 37signals. It’s a different take on things that I tend to enjoy, getting to see different opinions, group dynamics, etc., minka kelly nude, xrpso, nathalie kelley nude, >:OO, jennifer morrison…

  28. donavon says:

    wtf? i own enjoi. and all the skaters who ride for it.

  29. Steve says:

    Hey when did you sell the company this guy says he owns ENJOI

  30. me so says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    My name is Dana Beaudet and I live in Norway, Maine. In the town next to me, we have a small skate park, which I go to on almost a daily basis. It quenches most of our needs as a skate park, however it is very small. It seems even smaller while bikes, and skateboards try to share the space. There is a bowl, and it is very good, but there isn’t much room for people to street skate. I have decided to take it upon myself to expand this skate park and make it more available to all that share it. I…

  32. Valiok says:

    Сосните хуй пацаны))) Луи просто всё чётко заебись) привет из мариуполя бичи)

  33. Ukraine says:

    Привет всем из Украины) Enjoi спасибо за качественные яркие досочки, хоть что-то окрашивает серые русские будни)))

  34. jolie says:

    what is this?

  35. Anonymous says:

    hey i been a big fan of enjoi for along time now and bought allmost every shirt you guys have i wanted to know if you guys make a sticker pack?

    and if so how much thanks

    im trying to sticker bomb my honda civic with just skatein and bmx stickers for this years hella flush meet and would love to have your stickers on my car

    ive been skateing for 10 years and been rideing for 14 years and i love your brand




    863 roswell circle

  36. donavon says:

    drop the soap
    don’t drop the soap baby
    drop the soap
    don’t tip the soap over!

  37. Risem312004 says:

    Ima snap your shit up

  38. Cole says:

    Don’t drop the soap

  39. Jay Kay says:

    I hid the body….. now what?…

  40. donavon says:

    poopoo pants

  41. Cole says:

    Sweaty man junk

  42. Jose says:

    Eat a dick bitch :D

  43. donavon says:

    smoke meth

  44. el Wacko says:

    Bag O’ Suck Beetches!!1

  45. Jose the Portguese says:

    Lets all make love tonight!

  46. fuck a duck says:


  47. Cole says:

    I love you all

  48. DICK GOBLER says:


  49. derp says:


  50. herry jsu says:

    cole dont be a bitch and shut the fuck up and suck a dick

  51. Cole says:

    Jerry is your car up a pole again

  52. Cole says:

    I think Enjoi needs to put a thing on here so people dont use poopy mouth and saying bad things. So ya take that. What.

  53. Justin Beiiber says:

    Im Gay!

  54. your mother says:

    i hate myself

  55. herry jsu says:

    Hey beoches suck my d***!

  56. herry jsu says:

    hey cole why dont u suck ur moms dick

  57. Cole says:

    Now that’s not very nice, guy. Now say your sorry and I might five you a treat for being a good boy.

  58. herry jsu says:

    jerry hsu go suck a dick

  59. Fred says:

    I motherfapping love everything about Enjoi, one day I’ll be sponsored by you guys.

  60. penis says:

    i <3 enjoi

  61. penis says:


  62. Migi says:

    Kiss me Jerry, I have your shoe and semi bleached hair with a dashing splash of aquamarine. I feel as if a date is in order. We could listen to The Smiths and take pictures of interesting and un interesting things. Tootles. Call me. Fo real on da real.

  63. Flavored Enjoi says:

    Enjoi should make a 3D deck.
    An charge 8 million for it.
    Make all 3D panda ish.
    I’d spend 8000000 x 0 + 54
    On that shizzz. Go math and stuff !

  64. Cole says:

    Jerry is the best damn skater there is right now that’s who Jerry Hsu is

  65. derp says:

    who’s jerry jsu?

  66. Jerry Jsu says:

    that’s because of my rapist lifestyle

  67. Dick Banger says:

    Jerry has Rapist eyes…

  68. Xavier Szafranski says:

    Enjoing the whole team videos and everything! The best is Hsu,Barletta, and Foster

  69. Cole says:

    All I have to say is that I Enjoi life all day

  70. Time & Space says:

    BOD STEWART and I luh yoo doods. No, I actually despise you all so much that I really do love you. Not really. Maybe? I’ve also ordered Judkins signature hair pomade off Quartersnacks and paid way too much and I’m excited.
    P.S. I struggle with Spacewalks but just this Versace suit feels so good against my scales.

    *Enjoy and keep up the good work fellas.

  71. ya mama says:

    scoop, flip, jump, land

  72. donavonx says:

    just so you all know it’s a conspiracy created by the us government to distract people from the occupy movement cause that shit got annoying

  73. donavonx says:

    i’m surprised that no one has said anything about Kony on this thing

  74. a kid says:

    i went to my local skateshop for an enjoi but i told the guy at the stands i want an enjoi he sed no . ps i egged that skateshop . (:

  75. Lucas Yanez says:

    Whats up my homies, can yall send me some free stickers? Im goin up to echo mountain next weekend and they let you slap em on the trashcans… Thanks

    My address is 6387 Falling Leaf, Parker, CO 80134

  76. The French TIckler says:

    Is no one reading my comments? I’m in JAIL! Say something about that, or about the fact that I hacked through the firewalls to get on here! I need friends!

  77. Cole says:

    Now why would you want a guy to eat you, and I’m pretty sure your a guy so… that makes you gay… if you are that’s ok just tell me so i don’t end up in a room alone with you because you might want me and I dont swing that way sorry but I won’t eat you

  78. poop says:

    eat me!

  79. Cole says:

    I live in a crappy skating town there is bare minimum to skate. The most I’ve skated is a couple of hours because of the size of my town. I live in Wyoming, in a town of 3500 people and get crap for it because other generations screwed the skaters name up in this town. The skaters at enjoi are really the only reason I skate. I love there goofy-ness in some of there videos. So thank you. And Jerrys my favorite pro ever. Just to let you know

  80. clark widger says:

    enjoi such a great artistic value of word and squad.

  81. The French TIckler says:

    My friend says “Assalamu-Alaikum”. He is Egyptian. He is locked up with me. The guy next behind me is a Tree Top Piru, and he’s my homie, so if any of you fuckers ever want to beef with me you will have to deal with the force and might of the Bloods. Ya dig? Just kidding…I love all of you, just for being dirty skate rats like me.

  82. The French TIckler says:

    Hello fuckers…I am the French Tickler! I am currently incarcerated but I have access to a computer and I’ve hacked through the firewalls to access this wonderful site! All your base are belong to us! Listen to K & kill rock stars records, children…Jerry, I love you, Bag of Suck touched me in special places, marry me!

  83. Matt Ramsey says:

    I was thinking of tatting up my pecker in the fashion of my favorite pro’s Enjoi deck. I was going to go with the Jerry Hsu deck, with just his name on it, but I quickly realized after some preliminary penis sketches, that there would be alot of negative space with such a short name. It is for this reason that I have decided to go with Wieger Van Wagenindedinskismith.

  84. macrosatanic says:

    hey bob, whats up?…haven’t seen you around

  85. bob marley says:

    i love everyone in this world

  86. Xtremesk9border says:

    hey can u guys spocer me like give me stuf n put me n the next video wich i think i should be pro by the time it comes out ok. it u dunt want to turn me pro within like a couple months ill have to quit and ride for somehting cooler like plan b. i was only coming to yo u guys out of pity 4 ur company i thout i wud get u some more broad sales with me on the team bein rad n shit

  87. Jerry Hsu says:

    This silly guy here thinks that no one from Enjoi reads shitaki. What a chump! I’ll see to it that you guys get extra stickers for not believing that mean ol’ Donavon character and his fiendish schemes. Just post all of your home addresses, sticker graphic preference, shoe size and mothers first name. Thanks, Jerry

  88. Grab Bag says:

    wednesday is boring day on winter ones also i think it has bad spelling

  89. Donald Vaughn says:

    hail satan indeed

  90. donavon says:

    hail satan!

  91. billy talent says:

    my parents are assholes

  92. kyle volkes says:

    you guys should try longboarding. it’s like skateboarding but you don’t have to do hard tricks to look cool you just gotta ride around and do cool turns and touch your hand on the ground and maybe wink at a girl if you’re really fresh and fly.

  93. mrbassman says:

    gee whiz why can’t i seem to get any free things from this company n shit? what the fuck is up with that? you guys are a skate company you get all that skate shit for free you should be sending me decks and shirts and like a wallet or some bearings or something, i dunno get creative. just get on that shit.

  94. donavon says:

    hey anonymous bro send it to

  95. Anonymous says:

    where do i send a pic of my enjoi tattoo?

  96. Blake says:

    Dang, can anyone give me their email or something?

  97. donavon says:

    hey blake guy bro no one from enjoi looks at this thing.

  98. Blake Schneider says:

    P.S. i suck at skating but i am getting better everyday, been skating for a month now and can already heelflip and kickflip. BTW Im 13 going on 14

  99. Blake again... says:

    Or just email me a happy birthday or send stickers or something. Just anything to make my birthday a little better… Thanks you guys!

  100. Blake Schneider says:

    I moved from l.a. To this small town named Gloucester point. My parents split up and the only way I can get my mind off everything. I am practically poor and there is no skatepark or even sidewalks. We have a small ledge that we hop off of and everything but we got kicked out of the ok places
    We would greatly enjoy a rail if you can send me any, my birthday is the 6th and my email is I love enjoi and just bought a board from you. Please spare a rail for me and my friend.

  101. macrosatanic says:

    anyones mom Skype named Brendabunny here…she just added me. nothing, just so you know

  102. donavon says:

    i know how to get stickers mr tomUush sir. you skate along over to the store that sells skateboarding things and you do buying of stickers with small sums of money

  103. matthew oconnor les says:

    enjoi life

  104. matthew oconnor les says:

    the aliens are here to help here is for your support enjoi team…thanks gu

  105. tomUush says:

    does anyone know how i can get some stickers yo?

  106. AndrewK says:

    I always wear enjoi!!! on my right shoulder. Permanent baby! i enjoi life! Pandamonium! Bambooyah!

  107. superman says:

    enjoi skateboarding

  108. honeyboy says:

    tell winston to make more shit w/ cats on it

  109. Delonn says:

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  110. martin says:

    enjoi sould suck my deck

  111. joe says:

    How can I can I get stickers?

  112. christian says:

    come on guys cant you fuckin come with an anouncment of the new video or something !!!!

  113. donavon says:

    spam in this thing is getting out of hand

  114. James Hoch says:

    I suck at skateboarding so you guys should sponsor me

  115. Anonymous says:

    I suck at skateboarding so you guys should sponsor me

  116. donavon says:

    i killed a man today

  117. AYYY says:


  118. SICKENTOOTH says:

    It is always nice to drink your blood out of a used carrot juice container.

  119. ZebraPikachu says: enjoi follows me, so should you

  120. christian says:

    hi is it true you guys workin on an new video ???

  121. SPONZZZZME says:

    All I wear is Enjoi….. so just sponsor me, already

  122. swagosaurus wrecks says:

    whats the name/artist of the song playing in the video demo donkeys? thats some awesome production.

  123. LunchB0x says:

    and by the way, corn, thats some funny shiznitt

  124. LunchB0x says:

    Smells, more like teen spirit i’d say.

  125. shecrox says:

    hey guys check out hamish halls new skate vid on youtube. Username is shecrox. its off the chain for just a teenager. chur

  126. Ben Raemers says:

    Hey guys its Ben we got some gnarly videos coming out soon!

  127. Anonymous says:

    So Tarzan said,”Me Tarzan,you Jane”.”Now its Cheetah’s turn.”.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Hm.So if you dont get called a dick,its all free ,right?Right.Lets cheer to Grant.Or Lee for that matter.No to Wellington or that Island for that matter.Rest in peace.

  129. Anonymous says:

    So the leprosy said to the Hiv positive.Lets switch.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Baldur’s gates of hell.Thats funny.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Damn you hippie.Cairo Foster deck.Kill all children and rape their mommies.

  132. Anonymous says:

    I smell nerd blood.

  133. Matthew O'connor Les says:

    the aliens are here to help us please help me in my next adventure

  134. Anonymous says:

    This doesnt fit,but.If it doesn’t break when you mount the trucks on.Yiihah.

  135. Anonymous says:

    The Louie Barletta.Juicy pork stick.

  136. Anonymous says:

    I know.The Nestor Judkins deck,called.Kill all civillians.

  137. Anonymous says:

    Guess which company is Brand X.Its those cozy dudes in County.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what the top of the iceberg is.Watching Cheers with a bunch of chicks ,or one laughing her ass of,in a school were you live at the school,and you are just try to keep track with the story.

  139. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what CSI found at Cobains crimesite.A tumor.

  140. Anonymous says:

    Jerry Hsu skates ugly.Then you reply,”Close”.(instead of ,”not quite”.Like if someone said,some one said,”Dude,you’re on deathrow”.Then you could say,”No I’m at the radium hospital,on kemo”.

  141. greglougayness says:

    Wow that person named “corn!!!” a few comments below is insane, and obviously a genius lol. I haven’t been so amused in a while, that shit is sick, so creative and random

  142. donavon says:

    i’m already pro for enjoi. it’s easy, skateboarding is stupid simple

  143. Boner Soup says:

    Listen, I wanna be pro for Enjoi more than anything else in the entire world.

  144. corn!!! says:

    Do you not fear the awesome power of tile grout? Marvel at my plastic applicator! Nonsensical, yet you envy me! Watch as my plan unfurls before your very spleen! I sense the presence of your soiled pants! Now you see what my goiter can do to your follicles! Victory! Success! Incontinence! Cease your flatulent winds and hear my expounding of wisdom! I have powers that pinto beans can only dream of!

  145. Gwenvaël says:

    give me the salt please.

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