1. Jerry Hsu says:

    I’m calling it quits with Enjoi. I’ve moved on to Element. Thank you guys for the awesome times and memories on this team. -Jerry

  2. roomie says:

    skateboarding can save the world!

  3. Dylan Weichselbaumer says:

    Hey I really like the company’s name and logo I was wondering if I could get some free stickers. I would really appreciate if you could do this. If so please send to

    Dylan Weichselbaumer
    26 South Ridge Rd
    Hampden, Ma

  4. what what says:

    I got a picture to send.

  5. bob E. Rector says:

    haha i like boobs

  6. U fakin srs says:

    Fight me irl

    Do you even lift

  7. Lou B says:

    I am God. Bow before My Holy Greatness or suffer eternally in Tartarus, yeah that’s right, the Greeks had it right, well almost, fucking Zeus hogging all the attention…

  8. Lou B says:

    get off my dick ya queer

  9. Gandalf says:

    Louie will always be my favorite skater! Thanks for being awesome dude

  10. derp says:


  11. my life aches says:

    i was never given a name

  12. Jerry Hsu says:

    Hey Carlos, unfortunately here at Enjoi, we don’t use this so called “email”, it’s dated. Try contacting us via laser signals or telepathy

  13. T-Nutz says:

    yo thos kbutterz gumps aint shit, we be recruitin 2 so u no wuts wut dey gettin a noife

  14. K-Buttz says:

    anyone wanna join my gang? we’re hardcore and such.

  15. Carlos says:

    Is there an email i can contact enjoi with

  16. M.C Dick Lick says:


  17. ShittyMcSwagdaddy says:


  18. Retard says:


  19. Shmitty says:

    yuss, xgames results and such

  20. Shmitty says:

    no room for smiley faces here buddy, this is a serious skateboarding discussion thread

  21. cockweisel says:


  22. cockweisel says:


  23. cockweisel says:

    BMcF Waderdoop

  24. BShitty says:

    enjoi is so gay. only little nancy boys ride enjoi boards. pwnt so hard ya gumps

  25. BShitty says:

    winter is really cool. i hate skateboarding. it sucks.

  26. DPiddy says:

    know your enemy

  27. dvon says:

    …..beautiful black boobies

  28. garrett says:

    …. nigger tits

  29. Rico Suave says:

    Who cares about the images sem, Enjoy Skateboarding, have fun… punk

  30. sem says:

    only thing i dont like about enjoi is the vulgair themes on the board such as
    -the girl on the ground next to the drain
    -the condom
    -the russian pig

    honestly i always skip those ones. i love the panda lgo ones. and the one i have now is a panda lighter orange 7.75 30.

    if they keep making vulgair ones ill stop buying enjoi seriously. my choice is basically on quality
    -the way it is pressed
    -need to be 7 ply
    -it has to be canadian(not chinese young wood)
    -nd the print must be…

  31. dvon says:

    enjoi is ok. i guess.

  32. mckack says:

    eat mkcack

  33. Louie Barletta says:


  34. sem says:

    eey guys this is sem from belgium. i like the boards u guys sell. prop for that.

  35. Jerry Hsu says:

    This Madison Casey character sure would be a prime candidate of someone who deserves gay pictures or piss bottles in the mail.

  36. Madison Casey says:

    Hi! My name is Madison. I love your company’s products! I was wondering if you can send me stickers so I can rep you guys. If so my address is 1629 Kino St. Unit A, Honolulu, HI, 96819 Thanks!

  37. Herb says:

    word up jerry

  38. DANNY says:

    why is everyone worried about free stickers? theyr just stickers! i agree with jerry, posting your adress online is just plain STUPID. now i wouldnt be suprised if sombody pisses in a bottle and packages it and sends it to you. idiot-_-. keep shreddin jerry your amazing

  39. Jerry Hsu says:

    I can guarantee that no one is receiving free stickers by posting their addresses in this message board. I wouldn’t be surprised if you received polaroid pictures of man junk. Don’t post your address online, how stupid can you get?

  40. kevin says:

    did any of these people asking for stickers get them ?

  41. Donavon says:

    hey fuckface jeffrey from Belgium businesses don’t give things away for free, go buy some fucking stickers ya cheap dick

  42. Cindi says:

    So stinkin cute!! I need to make some of these! I have some black white boraokmks in my craft room that need to be jazzed up, and I think this gave me some great ideas!! Thanks, and featuring you tomorrow :)

  43. Jeffrey says:

    Can you give free stickers pleas and i come from belguim

  44. Demetri Reid says:

    Skateboarding is boring. I’d rather go mudding!

  45. Geraldo says:

    RICKY ESPINOSA ON ENJOI 2013! Make it happen, Evs.

  46. otljwkddxl says:

    c2fPRG qqbipwnzorkv

  47. Donavon says:

    i bet i got better legs than you Nerpz

  48. Riya says:

    Man muss am 1. Zt mit der Pille anfangen, weil dann nun mal der neue Zyklus anfe4ngt und man von da ab deirkt geschfctzt ist. Die Periode wird dann nicht schlagartig ausfallen, aber es kann sein, dass sie dann schwe4cher als gewf6hnlich ist.So jetzt mal zum Hauptteil deiner Frage: Natfcrlich ist es normal, wenn man mit der Pille anfe4ngt, dass dann der Rest des normalen Zyklus ausbleibt. Es findet kein Eisprung statt, die Periode ist kfcnstlich herbeigeffchrt etc. Aber all das will man doch,…

  49. Lonelykiller says:

    having to like a cartoon is pretty stupid

  50. Nerpz says:

    DC makes awesome boards, they sponsor me and my legs

  51. Thoseshroomslookgood says:

    DC has boards? Really? Well damn. If theyre as good as their shoes, than we’re fucked. And yes enjoi is cool :3

  52. Louie Hsu says:

    This Nate guy is pretty on top of things

  53. Nate says:

    jerry b is so gay

  54. Nate says:

    shut up jerry ur sponcered by enjoi give me some stickers you hag

  55. Jerry Barletta says:

    Hi I’m looking for some stickers. i will do anything for some stickers. ill trade you these cheeseburgers for some stickers

  56. Nate says:

    you dweebs think enjoi is cool? haha ever ride a plan b or dc board? way cooler guys ride for them 2

  57. fhds ghnsgzdnfx says:

    send more louie decks to new zealand cant find em any where also hsu louie need there own beavis n butt head type cartoon with guest appearances from the rest of the community

  58. Berbz says:

    i really like turkey sausages it’s the tits

  59. Nate says:

    only fag nerds do wallies ya gunts

  60. BILL JAY says:


  61. Matthew murtagh says:

    Well dudes any chance i could get some free stickers? Doin a project on enjoi snd their unique style in my imedia class would be a great help.

    If you can address is:
    37 carmel street
    Northern ireland
    Bt7 1QE

    Cheers dudes
    Enjoi 4 life!

  62. Drake the snake says:

    Yo, shred and kill small animals
    Thank youz

  63. Skater boy 24 says:

    i know the address to the fantasy factory

  64. Skater boy 24 says:

    Jerry hsu is funny

  65. Eric says:


  66. kyle goodwin says:

    Hi my name is kyle. I have been a big fan of your products for a long time. i was wondering if I could receive some company stickers so i could rep your logo on my car, around the house and maybe a few around the shop where i work. If so please send them to me at 20 woodland ave Thirroul N.S.W Australia 2515

  67. Lance Benham says:

    I am an eighth grade science teacher. My students really enjoy your brand. I was wondering if you could send me some stickers to motivate them to do well on their lab reports.

    Lance Benham
    Mills Middle School
    245 Plain St
    Millis MA 02054

  68. jose villanueva says:

    yaa need to make or desighn more Jose rojo decks

  69. mushrooms says:

    yall need to make more 8.4 boards im trying to get one yo

  70. Mr. Manatee says:

    where the fuck are all your old t shirts? i need galactic panda!

    and you should put the shopatron back up

  71. dandle says:

    don’t know if any of you read this, but louie is my fucking skate hero. just started skating around christmas time so i still suck pretty hard, but maybe one day i could go pro for you guys

  72. Ell says:

    having not been to shitaki in a while it’s real nice to see people have stopped posting there addresses expecting to get free shit. fucking idiots

  73. donavon says:

    that ben raemers ramp riding video is sick. fucking nuts ender, him and raybourn are my faves lately which is kind of interesting since they are both named ben.

  74. OddEnjoiWolfgang says:

    Jerry hsu does poppers with emo kids at demos

  75. dipshit central says:

    this thread = lol

  76. Matthew cox says:

    man enjoi your good bros but for the people on here some of you guys put some really weird shit on here

  77. ladysman127 says:

    im stoned motha fucka and i say fuck you two time

  78. bro man says:

    ima shoot you foos the tape

  79. enjoi=Chinese Vans says:

    You hillbillies couldn’t get a girl to do your laundry. Fuck you pigs!

  80. Tits mcgee says:


  81. im high says:

    im high

  82. Douchebro says:

    Laundry keeps women busy eh? How busy would a swift kick in the nuts keep you? Assholes

  83. dandy borhaul says:


  84. Brad says:

    Yoo enjoi! what happen to the shop you guys had up a while back?

  85. Vanessa says:

    :l you guys..

  86. Addie says:

    Enjoi gives me hope

  87. ben dover says:

    thats what my dick looks like on a cold day

  88. garrett says:

    is there anyway i can submit an idea for a shirt


  89. dennis says:

    Dear Friend,

    Glad to know you are on the market for clothing products.
    Jiangyin Huaxun Textiles Co.,Ltd here,which mainly covers knitted garment, kids’ clothing, t-shirts, sports wear,underwear and garment accessories which are sold to North America, East Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions.
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  90. Papa big dick says:

    I stuck my ham rod into a moose knuckle last night

  91. adolf hitler says:

    i will destroy the jews and take over the world. oh also whats the difference between a pizza and a jew……pizza dosnt scream when you put it in the oven…..zen hail hail hitler and the third rike

  92. adolf hitler says:

    nin nin nin nin nin nin nin nin…….zen hail

  93. mr camcho says:


  94. catholic priest says:

    hey i just got back from molesting little kids. 6969 im going to molest you them mr camcho then dom then rafael then everyone else on this page. well back to molesting little kids

  95. gohan says:


  96. napa says:


  97. kohan says:


  98. mr camcho says:

    oh and i like to rape dead babys and butt fuck rabbits

  99. mr camcho says:

    penis penis penis penis penis i love penis and i work at seminole heights charter high school

  100. satan says:

    6969 you are my bitch stfu and keep sucking my dick C=====================3

  101. 6969 says:


  102. yo mama says:

    hi im a 40 year old virgin who plays wow and have a lv 100 witch as a gf who i think is a 18 year old man named earl. i love to suck hard cock and swallow cum

  103. Dom says:

    hey ive been thinking and holding it in for awhile now but i dont care anymore . im gay and im going to tell the world . IM GAY !!! ^.^ <3

  104. dom says:

    tweak the beef was the shit i plan on bying an enjoi deck soon oh come to sPoT skate park of tampa

  105. Rafael says:

    I’m a big fan of enjoi skateboarding, the team is pretty entertaining and I love the video/photos ideas. Rafael, 30 years old,From Brazil

  106. sami mirza says:

    what does flat,medium and full concave mean and whats the difference between them and what their best uses?

  107. faggot says:

    im almost 100% positive jerry delivered my chinese food last night.

  108. blaccablacca says:

    why yall gotta skateboard and stuff dont yall skii?

  109. Abby says:

    So apparently this is old news, but your clothing tags say “dirty laundry keeps women busy?” My kid got one of your sweatshirts for Christmas and saw that and was like, “gross; this thing must be made by Republicans.” So, fuck you, enjoi.

  110. dustymg says:

    years and years ago i had the pink boy genius deck–any chance you will do a re-run or have any extras of them?

  111. nboroway says:

    i love you guys so much i tatted the panda on my foot myself

  112. frost351 says:

    hey enjoi do you give free stickers??

  113. brandongodfrey says:

    what exactly does flat concave mean?

  114. terezi says:

    WH4t NOW

  115. Jake Tarantino says:

    Hey enjoi team! Im a big fan. I might have a sponser tape for u guys in a bit. so please take a look at it. thx!

  116. IAN CARR says:

    YO! I’m a genius and I have some very funny things I would like to discuss with one of your Big-to-do’s. Your website has no email address or contact info,
    so basically, I’m requesting some information on how to sell you stuff so we can both get richer. Yams! Skateboarding is still cool.
    Hit me back chicken-wings!

  117. CommunistPanda says:

    What happened to the fucking shopatron!

  118. greg says:

    the poop that took a pee

  119. donavon says:

    Tweak the Beef was fucking TIGHT! Enjoi is the tits! Captain Lou for President!

  120. Compton says:

    Please sponsor me.
    P.s. The wieger van wageningen ad doing the back tail is the funniest thing i have ever seen. make that a shirt.

  121. RONDEL says:

    enjoi is the greatest company. great like good.

  122. Corporate Pig says:

    Jerry wishes he was Daewon

  123. hoe ass hoe says:

    i like dick in my ass

  124. YOUR BOY says:

    tweak my beef..

  125. cu says:

    Translate ” Vai se fuder ” from portuguese to english and learn something cool

  126. khachapuri says:

    hello. i hope that we can become friends. talk to you soon!

  127. justin v says:

    tweak the beef was awesome! so stoked on louie barletta

  128. dylonway says:

    tweaf the beak was fucking assm. too bad jerrys part was barely like 10 seconds haha oh yeah happy birthday jerry! meh favorito scatter

  129. Twurkin da beef doe says:

    Video was sooo good! Louie & Clark!!!
    Make one called twurkin’ da beef now!!

  130. The internet says:

    Loved the video. Everything was sick !

  131. Chris says:

    I enjoyed tweak the beef.

  132. cool_m says:

    loved tweak the beef!
    happy birthday jerru!!

  133. Earnski Holland says:

    New video is great! Loved Louie’s part

  134. Enjoi Boi says:

    Ay ay, all u dickweenies on the team make Mah pussiwett. I can’t wait for the new vid to drop tomorrow. I’m gonna jerkofftoit and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME PHUCKERS.

  135. David says:

    ahh the tattoo will be done by myself ;)

    peace Dave =)

  136. David says:


    i will do a tattoo

    of your sk8boarding team!

    send me an e-mail if you want me to do this tattoo!

    You will get pictures!

  137. Flavored Enjoi says:

    Wtf…so….where do i buy the clothes from the sight ;\

  138. clint says:

    I had the same problem with the decal it wasn’t stick, and the board i bought wasn’t even wood it was paper. I was real sad and cried. you guys must not pay your conglomerate well because that man i bought my paperboard from had a real old’ car and the trunk wasn’t even big enough to lay in. My dad works at staples, I am going to start a board company with yellow paper. TTYL love, clint

  139. Vanessa says:

    i just want to skate with cairo …

  140. railchomper215 says:

    that new enjoi video better be good or am going to kick jerrys as……………………………………… dead

  141. kooter says:

    jim thats an iron on decal for clotheing.

  142. kooter says:

    its been a couple weeks since ive posted. i was in a car accident last week. the idiot blew a stop sign and totaled my car. the cops stoped by and wrote down the report and towed both cars. i had 2 boards in my car and cant get them back from the tow yard due the insurance not calling. this is a huge bummer:( no car, no board. life goes on

  143. muhamed ollie says:

    TWEAK THE BEEF!!!!!!!

  144. jim says:

    what the fuck is with the panda decal that came with my board its rough on the back and there is no adhesive on it whatsoever

  145. cali says:

    bring back Enjoi Atlantic City jacket szM

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