1. Ethan says:

    Hi My Name Is Ethan , I Am skateboarder And Snowboarder From Ottawa ontairo. I was wondering if i can get a couple of sheets of stickers to put on my SkateBoard, SnowBoard, Helmet ect. Thanks!

    Ethan Doucette
    32 Bradley Street
    Ottawa Ontairo
    K2S 1N1

  2. aníbal says:

    passas ao rum

  3. Alex Winiarski says:

    This is my friend. I am the local filmer in my area. This is the best sk8er in my neighborhood. You should sponsor us.

  4. Clark Hassler says:

    Am I pro yet? :(

  5. bed says:

    stop asking for free stickers. please.

  6. jeff says:

    asking for free stuff is for dicks

  7. Liam says:

    i was wondering if i could get some stickers for my room

  8. Harry mc sexy hogan says:

    Hi, just got a new laptop, its look’n a bit “clean”
    Send me some stickers pls so i can deck this bitch out

  9. Kyle says:

    Hey can you guys send me some free stickers so I can rep your stuff an put it on my gear my address is 31 densgrove dr poastle code is l2m3m1 st.catherins Ontario thanks from kyle Lunny.

  10. Louis says:


  11. Carson Motz says:

    Hey Enjoi!,
    Love everything you have. I love the little panda though hahaha he is my favorite. I just bought a Enjoi board and was wondering in you could send me some stickers to put on it.
    Thanks, Carson

    Carson Motz
    3401 Canopy Dr.
    DeWitt, MI 48820

  12. Fraser Gatherum says:

    Just got a new deck and was wondering if you could send out some stickers to put on it.
    Thanks Fraser

    Fraser Gatherum
    40 St Michaels Drive
    KY15 5BS

  13. dandle says:

    i want to go drink tea with ben raemers

  14. Joe Klahr says:

    fuck you twat

  15. Reace B says:

    Wowza. There are a lot of rude and self-entitled people on this site.

    Anyways, awesome job. You have a fun, colourful, vibrant brand and I love it. Enjoi yourselves and your lives.

  16. ray barbee says:

    shit, send me some stickers kiddd

  17. marc johnsons dad says:

    Send me some some fukkin stickers you fukkin assholes fuk you

  18. Marc Podesta says:

    Hei there, I totaly love your Brand. I bought a new blank skateboard, i know you get so much questions about this, but could you sent my some stickers so i could stick them to my new Board. It would be great if you could hook me up with stickers.
    Thank ya
    Marc Podesta
    65239 Hochheim am Main

  19. Will Smith says:

    You guys should get me on your team.

  20. railchomper215 says:

    i <3 Crystal Meth

  21. marc johnsons dad says:

    What in the sam hell did you do to my son he used to love your company, ill bet that jerry kid tried some gaystuff with him

  22. Lau Siu Bau says:

    hi there. I love your stuff and want to put your stickers on my car and deck Could you please send me some stickers?


    Lau Siu Bau
    54 1108 Riverside Close
    Port Coquitlam

  23. romeo bailey says:

    I’m the local filmer in my town and I’ve been super hyped on your guys company. Now my friend Bijan, who is 15 and currently a freshman in high school is by far the best skateboarder in my city and I’m trying to hook him up with a sponsor, since I truly believe he could make it far in the skate community. If you’re interested here’s the video.

  24. romeo bailey says:

    Hello, I’m the local filmer in my town and I’ve been super hyped on your guys company and logos. I’ve been showing all the homies your company and been trying to spread the word in my
    Town. Now my friend Bijan, who is 15 and currently a freshman in high school is by far the best skateboarder in my city and I’m trying to hook him up with a sponsor, since I truly believe he could make it far in the skate community. If you’re interested here’s the video.

  25. Matthew Salina says:

    My name is Matthew and love your brand. I would be interested in any stickers you could send my way. I would love to throw these stickers on my helmet and even my truck. Would appreciate anything you could spare my way.

    My address is :

    Matthew Salina
    501-8851 Lansdowne Rd.
    Richmond, BC, Canada

    Thanks again, – Matthew.

  26. kneegrowh8r says:

    just got my new deck today. i like it a-lot

  27. Lance's secret crush says:

    I got the condoms and lube for ya honey. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    love- wubbykins

  28. Leticia Bufoni says:

    Why wont these assholes take me off flow and sponsor me for reals already? Is it cause I have a fucking slit between my legs and not a wrinkly ass wiener? This some bullshit.

  29. Louis says:

    this lance guy sure is a special kind of dumb ass

  30. lance denton says:

    I hate every one who says Jerry hsu sucks. I think he is the shit. And my over all favorite skater

  31. lance denton says:

    Hey I was wandering if you guys could hook me up with some free stickers and if possible I would realy like to have a jerry hsu autograph. < it my dream. He's my favorite skater ever. Well if so my address is
    5320 E Pike Street Butlerville, Indiana 47223
    Please and thank you.

  32. Not Jerry says:

    moderation is for gumps

  33. Not Jerry says:

    hey watch this it’s cool

  34. king leonidas says:

    love enjoi.

  35. miaou says:



  36. raphi says:


  37. Mexican Elvis says:

    I beat up Jerry a few days ago. He’s a bitch.

  38. Legs says:

    you guys ever fight a group of small children? it’s crazy fun

  39. trust says:

    god couldnt kickflip

  40. boop-da-whoop says:

    when girls fart or shart,it’s sexy.

  41. Timp says:

    i never know what to write

  42. Jim says:


  43. Jerry says:

    I hate each and every one of you very very much.

  44. Bedunkles says:

    my parents are stoner assholes

  45. Flan says:

    I’ll email you some penis enhancement pills coupons, you interested Simon?

  46. Simon says:

    I know it’s dumb to ask for stickers since it costs money, so could you just e-mail me some and I’ll print them out to tape on my skateboard? Thanks you guys rock

  47. Bologna Breath says:


  48. Friendly Bill says:

    i mean backyard the treehouse is in the backyard. i also have a super cool halfpipe and rails you guys should come by

  49. Friendly Bill says:

    i’ve got this really cool treehouse in my basement

  50. life advice guy says:

    hey guys, the best way to live is to go out each day and try not to be a cunt

  51. Fin says:

    i’m a big man type guy don’t mess wit dis

  52. Plan Glee Glee Club says:

    Hey guise just it’s the stockingwood glee club checking in. thanks again for the awesome clothez and small longboards. u guise the best.

  53. Din says:

    where are my safety pins? what is this?

  54. niblets says:

    shnee shnee

  55. greyson blake says:

    just finished recording my demo,
    now burritos.

  56. Konor says:

    Hey enjoi, i would like to contact you guys so i could send you a few clips for you to see what you think of me! Contact me i would love to send you some street clips.

  57. Anonymous says:

    i’m a hacktivist because i say so

  58. Good Advice Guy says:

    Think sometimes

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hail Satan

  60. Flint Campelle says:


  61. Donavon Pee says:

    i’m supposed to be studying.

  62. The Breakfast Club says:

    hey guys. we’re totally a real club that the movie was based on. looking for young recruits as we are all old n shit now. we promise not to rape any of you

  63. The Glee Club says:

    Hey it’s us, the Bolterdale Glee Club. We just wanted to thank you guys for your generous sponsorship and abundance of free merchandise. We can’t thank you enough.

  64. FaceFucker says:

    hey Glen you sound like you could use a nice facefucking

  65. Glen says:

    Oh my goodness, what foul language and intentions. I sincerely hope you find help of the psychiatric kind young man.

  66. FaceFucker says:

    hey der boi fuckface you like to get facefucked?

  67. FuckFace says:

    can i hav free stickerz a herp derp here’s my address don’t send me anything fucked up
    123 dumbass street
    Some Shitty Town, Kentucky
    I don’t have the five dollars it would cost me to buy some stickers. sorry guys.

  68. Chin says:

    Louie’s got nice legs

  69. Derb says:

    i took some acid. it was bad.

  70. Pierre says:


  71. Quack says:

    I love Initial D

  72. Shit Finger says:

    Enjoi…It’s almost as cool as rubbing your dogs balls

  73. Blue says:

    skateboarding is stupid, you guys are idiots.

  74. Vez says:

    i’m bored now

  75. Lin says:

    ENJOI4EVA i got that tattooed on my arm it looks so fresh u want pics?

  76. Vreikler says:

    enjoi is very funny guys with the good skateboard moves and

  77. Tennar says:

    i skateboarded last week but then it snowed again

  78. Peta says:

    I’M NOT CRAZY!!!

  79. Not Pete says:

    my name is Pete

  80. Cool Pete says:

    lazy dweeb wants free dicks

  81. Lounging Pete says:

    Fax me some boards for free dicks

  82. Parve says:

    the devil is a nerd

  83. Martin says:

    Satan likes to party

  84. Martin says:

    Satan is your friend

  85. Martin says:

    Hail Satan

  86. Jerry Hsu says:

    I hate each and every one of you with every fibre of my being.

  87. Nevin says:

    Jake Rascon is a smelly twat swaddler

  88. Belin says:


  89. Kirkwood Fr. says:

    check out the show Wilfred it’s pretty good

  90. Junv says:

    flint is a stupid name

  91. Flint Campelle says:

    why would a person post their address on a public forum message board type thing. that’s just asking for a box of poo in the mail, c’mon

  92. Madge says:

    you sticker askers are ruining shitaki.

  93. Caswell says:

    hey retards enjoi doesn’t give out free stickers go buy some it’s like 5 bucks ya cheap assholes

  94. Jake Rascon says:

    i need to talk to jerry

  95. kneegrowh8r says:

    louie’s bowl cut is so unbelievably round.

  96. mylowe says:

    send me some stickers because i need to fill up my wall

  97. doodoocaca says:

    Is Jerry Hsu really that big of an asshole?

  98. Gnar banger says:

    I don’t skate but I love you shit it really does give me an erection when I put my enjoi shirt on then I stick my erection into a girl because of my enjoi shirt is so sick pussy destroyer

  99. Geoff says:

    I really enjoy your brand and have owned several of your products. I was wondering if you would be able to send me a bunch of promotional stickers. I have e-mailed several times and have yet to receive a reply. I am not sure if I am contacting the right department but if I am not may you please direct me in the right direction. If you could that would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

    if you are able to do so my address is:

    66 Golden Meadow Rd.
    Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    L4N 7G5

  100. John says:

    Hi my name is John. I’ve been a big fan of your products and brand for some time. I love your stuff and was wondering if it was possible to recieve some company stickers so I could represent your stuff. If so Please answer back!

  101. Kinda Pissed says:

    Your clothing line is sexist. It’s cool but I just want the slogan off. It’s not right to put that type of thing on clothing. Especially in this day and age. What a horrible thing to say!!!

  102. still still nick says:

    the next 2 notes are from me. read them the other way around

  103. still nick says:

    il advertise your company and i wont punctuate

    please just email the hell out of me

  104. nick says:

    hello enjoi. this message in particular is dedicated for the louie barletta:

    mister barletta

    every time you perform a trick on your skateboard, i skategasm. i watch you on the youtube. and you dont know when or where. i come from a far far away place where double backflips are standard.

    i know asking for free shit is normal in this area of the interweb but i genuinely canot find
    the “stalin out” jacket anywhere over the “web”.
    please send me one?
    il advertise your…

  105. Valentin says:

    Je suis un grand fan de votre marque.pouvez vous m’envoyer des sticker a cette adresse.

    ALVES Valentin
    6 rue des fauvettes
    66200 alenya

    merci beaucoup

  106. AbsolutelyNotGay says:

    Hook up wit dat OF y’all know what I’m sayan

  107. PandaLifter says:

    i haz stickers fur meh car wold be coul

  108. Douglas Adams says:

    Y’all read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

  109. Ur Mom says:

    I was wondering if you could send me some stickers? Thanks.

  110. Nate says:

    Hi I’d like dick pics in the mail here’s my address

  111. Dudebro says:

    You know the tag on all Enjoi clothing that says “Dirty laundry keeps women busy”? A few years back i wanted to buy a hoodie, saw that, laughed at it once and my mom asked me what I was laughing about. Long story short, five years later I still can’t buy any Enjoi clothing

  112. Caswell says:


  113. louie says:

    pee in a ziploc bag

  114. Likely investor says:

    I’ll take it!!

  115. Not Jerry says:

    I can’t get me enough of that sweet Lou footage. He’s like the Gonz of this generation, fuckin’ masterful skating and genius creativity all balled up in one man

  116. Jerry says:

    Oh my GAWWD! You brat fuck I do cool tricks that are switch sometimes and you should go on an African safari and wander off from the group

  117. Dan says:

    srz jerry iz a biatch alwayz pissin’ on bout sum wuss fall he did

  118. Pan says:

    The ground is still too snow filled for skateboard related activities. It is not my idea of ideal. jam.

  119. Psycho Mikcho says:

    i’m all for mass murder, but genocide is just racist.

  120. Macho Nacho says:

    Hitler was a dick

  121. ToughGuyWeightLifter says:

    hey ‘Not Hitler’ you’re a fag and you are bad at making logical sentences. Learn english and also history.

  122. Not Hitler says:

    Hi guys that guy who was responsible for the holocaust wasn’t so bad, you should put him on the team.

  123. Im cool. Not kidding says:


  124. Girl Name says:

    hey ‘You fucking suck’, you’re an idiot if you take anything Enjoi does seriously

  125. Shit Finger says:

    If I was gay I would suck Jerry’s dick! Fuck it I’ll do it anyway :-P …..And tell You fucking suck to wash my goddamn Enjoi hoody

  126. You fucking suck says:

    I was just checking the care instructions on my Enjoi hoody before I wash it and I was outraged at the “Dirty laundry keeps women busy” you’ve got printed below the care instructions.

    I adore the quality of your clothes and items however I will never be purchasing from your ignorant asses again.

  127. Davis says:

    I bought your Rasta wheels and the tee transfer that came with it messed up. the top of the transfer came out fine but the bottom of it smudged out, can i get a new one?

  128. Mohammed says:

    Don’t forget to listen to The Clash. Behead all those who insult The Mighty Clash since an omnipotent being can’t punish people for displeasing it itself.

  129. Brenton says:

    my name sucks

  130. Larson says:

    u guys like arson?

  131. Nevin says:

    This pants boycott sounds interesting. How do you guys feel about shorts? I like shorts. They’re comfy and easy to wear.

  132. Cool Boy 334 says:

    i’ve never had pants on my legs at ever. this danger guy knows what his talkin’ boat is doing

  133. BenjaminDanger says:

    Pants are for those types of people that feed pigs nuts… thats just nuts. Lets put off our pants

  134. G6 says:

    check out loevinger’s theory of ego development. it’s neat.

  135. Mohammed says:

    listen to the clash. sandinista is the greatest album of all time. that’s not opinion, it’s irrefutable fact

  136. donavon says:

    this winter stuff is maddening

  137. donavon says:

    i sometimes forget how fucking good louie is at skating cuz he always looks like he’s having way to much fun for it to be hard

  138. art guy says:

    hey check it i wrote a cool poem
    it is the coolest of the poems
    i wrote it in my hoem

  139. Clark Hassler says:

    Am I pro yet?

  140. Lord of Uganda says:

    Give me your bank account details for the security of your fundings. The lord of uganda needs it

  141. I_am_a_cat says:

    fuckit i cant kickflip imma go skooter

  142. I_am_a_cat says:

    hit up dat coul de sack flatground ruff as sand paper

  143. I_am_a_cat says:


  144. Dick Cheney says:

    Y’alls are bunch of faggot ass queers! KKK Represent!

  145. rence says:

    new home, Enjoi decks are going on the walls.

  146. nazi says:

    OP is a fag

  147. Lou B says:

    I skate #eryday yea

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