1. brook says:

    do yall like anime

  2. Taylor says:

    I love how all team members of Enjoi act like their so rebellious and criminals, which they are.

  3. Mike Mo Capaldi says:

    Haha dude Jose, of course I’ll help you gain on Insta!

  4. Adam Stewart says:

    My name is Adam and I think Enjoi is the shit! All of your riders and products are the best in the game! I was wondering if I could get some free stickers to rep the company this skate season. I would really appreciate it if you could make that happen.

  5. Adam Stewart says:

    Dear Whoever is Reading This,
    My name is Adam and I really love Enjoi. All of your products and riders are the best in the game! I was wondering if you could send me some free stickers so that I can rep your company this skate season. If you could do that I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks, Adam

  6. Voltron the third says:

    I am the leader of the universe!!!

  7. Voltron says:

    Defender of the universe.

  8. pez despez says:

    candy come out my mouth BIAAAAAATCH!!

  9. the golden child says:

    can any of you 900?

  10. Dr Don A. Von says:

    remember kids; whatever your ailment might be, heroin is always the best medicine.

  11. Pal says:

    i can talk now

  12. D.W. says:

    Arrrthhuuuurrrrr!!!! Convince mommy and doodda to let me change my name

  13. Arthur says:

    i’m a stupid puss face and ran away long ago. i’m back home playing with pal right now

  14. Francine says:

    you leave him alone or else i’ll have to show everyone what it looks like when a bully gets beat up by a girl

  15. Buster says:

    oh noez! don’t take my lunch money!! although…i guess i could eat the mashed potatoes…..

  16. Binky says:

    gimme your lunch money or i’ll make mashed potatoes outta yuh!

  17. herped says:

    my parents are assholes

  18. LoafofMeat says:

    Hook this guy up with some landing skills,

  19. Devilish Bear says:

    Send a Enjoi rider like me some free stickers bro

  20. Whiskey Dick says:

    You guys are the shit, but for christ’s sake turn Clark Hassler pro. Dude is getting hella old.

  21. So I says:

    “you done tweaked the beef but y’all didnt give us any gravy on the side or nuttin.”

  22. Your two dads says:

    we love enjoi.

  23. martin says:

    please make a longer video. i expected so much with tweak the beef!

  24. Everyone says:

    Dear enjoi

    Could you please send out a single sheet of paper to every adress that begs for stickers with the humble message “get lost” in red comic sands
    Written on it.

    -Sincerely, everyone with $3 spare to represent there favourite company on there $100+ boards

  25. Jacob says:

    Do you guys have any contact info anywhere??

  26. themolester says:

    I jack off to Bag of Suck on a daily basis.

  27. derped says:

    turns out they put nos energy drinks in a can. wild stuff.

  28. jerry's gay says:

    Bitch fuck your mom and suck your dad’s dick!

  29. spanky says:


  30. cool_m says:

    hey guys could you check out my youtube channel im a skater from the uk

  31. Jakob Randolph says:

    I was wondering if you guys were sponsoring at the moment and how could i get in contact with the company?

  32. Fuckyoubeggers says:

    Fuck you begin ass bitches and get a job and spend some money on this company if you wanna rep them. Don’t just expect everyone to just give you free shit so you can ” promote” them. They don’t need your help by sending you free stickers. They need your support by buying there brand. So quit begging and fucking do something about it

  33. Fuckinbitchashooliga says:

    PNever, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

  34. Charles dickens says:

    Woman may be able to fake orgasms .But men can fake a whole relationship.

  35. Simon says:

    Eat your dogs feces,shit it out then get a piece a paper and rub shit behind the paper and Boom you got enjoi stickers all day !

  36. Ivanahumpalot says:

    Suck on cows titties my momma said support capitalism and da yay area!!!

  37. Matt Damon says:

    Mahhtt Daymun

  38. enjoi says:

    if you love us so much and really want to support us, buy our products. we are not in the sticker printing business. go to those little machines at walmart if you want stickers. or you could always send us a tape of you skating and maybe just maybe, and only if we like you, which we probably won’t (nothing personal), you can have all the stickers your little heart desires. amen?

  39. Turd magee says:


  40. mauricio latosinski says:

    i am from brazil and i would like to know if you guys give stickers for free or have to pay?

  41. meghna says:

    hi, i love your products. I was wondering if i could get some free stickers for my new board. that would be amazing.
    my address is :
    20 fireside dr brampton L7A 1P4 ontario canada.
    thanks, meghna bhalla

  42. Anonymous says:

    love this company. hook it up with stickers.
    my address is.
    1060 E Market St
    Salinas Ca, 93905

  43. John Bguyen says:

    Hi Enjoi, your company is awesome!
    I just wanted to see if i could get dome free stickers to rep your brand here in Irving,TX . Here is address:
    2906 Harvard Cir North 75062 , Irving TX

    Thanks, John

  44. Anonymous says:

    whats up pro


  45. Anonymous says:

    i love enjoi

  46. Anonymous says:

    how do you delete a comment

  47. Amy says:


    I was wondering if i could promote your company by you sending me some stickers?

    I really love Enjoi sutff!

    My address is:

    Amy Shields
    139 circular road
    Co. Antrim
    BT4 2GF
    Northern Ireland

    Thank you.

    Amy Shields

  48. maniac says:


  49. Kamrin says:

    Turn Clark Hassler Pro so I can buy his Shit

  50. Felty says:

    Jerv go fuck yourself

  51. Roman says:

    Where can I get enjoi skateboards in australia?? any shops that sell them?

  52. Stephaun jones says:

    I enjoi my name is stephaun jones can you please send me some nice cool ass stickers so i can stick them all over the damn place thank your VErY much

  53. linus says:

    Can i get free stickers my adress is finland 68800 vadbäckskroken 23

  54. Jerv says:


  55. Jerv says:


  56. Jerv says:


  57. Jerv says:


  58. Jerv says:


  59. Jerv says:


  60. Calos Dino says:

    Huge Fan Here
    Id Love Stickers
    8052 Walker St Philadelphia Pa
    proving im a huge fan

  61. Memo says:

    Hey Enjoi,

    You guys make some dope products.

    I have some hand-drawn graphics that I think you guys might be interested in picking up for some of your decks. Check out memo_graphics on Instagram for some photos and let me know what you guys think. Or, let me know if you would like to collaborate on some custom graphics.

    I’d love to work with you guys. Cheers.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys
    Hey guys i have been skating for 4 years now and just last week my helmet broke and unfortunately i have no stickers for it. It would be much a apreciated if you could send me some stickers so I could rep you
    Address 62 maltraves rd Ivanhoe Melbourne Victoria Australia

    Kind regards cam

  63. Victor says:

    Hi Enjoi, your company is awesome!
    I just wanted to see if i could get dome free stickers to rep your brand here in Belgium. Here is address:
    Victor Pattyn
    Andre Demedtslaan 20
    8510 Marke (Kortrijk)


  64. Afonso says:

    Hi enjoi, i’m a big fan of yours, and i would love to rep your brand here in Portugal, if you could send me free stickers i would distribute them to my local and near skateshops. if you can, send them to this address 8 Rua Olímpio Santos Silva code 3860-087 Avanca, Aveiro, Portugal

  65. Mission says:

    Miguel S.
    6518 Bismark Hills St.
    North Las Vegas, NV 89084
    United States Of America

    *Free Sticker*

    Hi Enjoi Im a SKATER/YOUTUBE BLOGGER and a Big Fan Of Enjoi. recently i built a NEW SKATEBOARD but its just a generic brand since my budget find good boards Expensive and all my friends has enjoi boards, so im wondering if Enjoi could send me some FREE STICKER atleast for my Generic Board. i will appreciate it VERY VERY much Thank you ☻I will be more than happy if i receive…

  66. Kyle says:

    Hey can you guys send me some free stickers so I can rep your stuff an put it on my gear my address is 31 densgrove dr poastle code is l2m3m1 st.catherins Ontario thanks from kyle Lunny

  67. Jon says:

    Is Jimmy Carlin on enjoi? his latest videos it shows him using an enjoi board

  68. SwagMasterYoloTeam#1 says:


  69. Internet Famous says:

    no stickers for you guys!

  70. Chris L says:

    What’s goin on guys. What ever happened to the enjoi boy genius wool cap? I had 2 of those a few years back and I loved Em, but lost them when I moved. Please help me out.

  71. Leslie Reyes says:

    Hey I really your products!!! I would love to rep you, can you send some stickers or other items to this address: 400 Bellevillr Ave Belleville NJ 07109

    Thanks I really appreciate it :)

  72. Jerv says:

    this Austin character knows what’s up. everyone look at what Austin wrote.

  73. Waynt says:

    hey watch this. it’s riveting stuff

  74. Hi says:

    just wanted to post here

  75. rooster says:


  76. Austin says:

    WHY IS EVERYONE ASKING FOR STICKERS!!! if you really want to rep a company tell all your little friends to buy a deck {a enjoi one}. also enjoi i love you new impact decks keep up the great work and great quality you…

  77. Blaze says:

    yo, im an up and coming mc in north london and have been skating for a few years (im still shit though)
    im a massive fan of enjoi, would i be able to cop some stickers so i can rep you guys? safe

    36 windsor road
    palmers green N13 5PR

  78. Emily says:

    WHAT IS CRAKIN enjoi. I wanted to know where I can send a SASE for you awesome people to put some stickers in. My email is if you respond to these thangz.

  79. Manon says:

    Hi my name is Manon. I’m from Frane. I’ve been a big fan of your products for some time. I was wondering if it was possible to receive some company stickers so I could rep your stuff
    on my cars and on my skateboard. If so Please send them to me at:

    17 rue Edmond Doré
    33260 Cazaux France

  80. Mathieu Naessens says:


    Can you send free stickers to me, please?
    I’m a very big fan of your skateboards!

    My adress:
    Tieltstraat 5
    8720 Wakken (Dentergem)

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mathieu Naessens

  81. Nike says:

    Is Clark pro yet?

  82. The Bible says:


  83. OJ says:

    But if I did heres how I would have done it.

  84. OJ says:

    I didnt do it.

  85. Cow says:


  86. Rodney Mullen says:

    Don’t you miss me?

  87. spanky says:

    or just some pot. hold the stickers.

  88. spanky says:

    send me some pot stickers. those things are delicious.

  89. cody satterfield says:

    i was wondering if there was any way you could hook me up with some stickers? i would really appreciate it! thanks!

    cody satterfield
    P.O. Box 1338
    Greer, S.C. 29652

  90. mckack says:

    mah balls needa new set of shoes

  91. dildo baggins says:

    my friend said this was a porn site… but all i see is photos of asians and skateboards… i guess thatll have to do. dildo baggins loves yall

  92. dildo baggins says:

    when yall put a new video out?

  93. dildo baggins says:

    i just bought yalls humting shirt flannel. its sick. dildo baggins out

  94. this kid says:

    I can Ollie…can you sponser me?

  95. bibble says:

    hey sticker whiners, look up the word capitalism.

  96. jerry hsu's mom says:

    Jerry you stupid boy, you play on skateboard

  97. hello says:

    hey guys could you check out my youtube videos plese it would help me alot thanks =)

  98. phuck the felper says:

    jake duncombe would be a perfect fit for enjoi

  99. guck freco says:

    Hmmm I always thought enjoi sold skateboards, but by the sound of things I guess they are only a sticker company. I cant believe Ive thought otherwise all these years.

  100. Spanky says:

    did someone say pot?

  101. Fat and hungry says:

    Did someone say pot stickers?

  102. Spanky says:


  103. nate says:

    Hello my name is nate and I love your brand. I really love to stay active and hang out with my friends. I think with that said I can spread the word about your company and influence my friends to buy from your brand. I was wondering if you can send me some stickers I can represent your brand. If you can send me some stickers,skateboard decks,or stencils you can send them to 47 shire ct Charles Town WV 25414. Thanks!!!!

  104. David says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Hello my name is David Vivas and I love your brand. I really love to stay active and hang out with my friends. I think with that said I can spread the word about your company and influence my friends to buy from your brand. I was wondering if you can send me some stickers I can represent your brand. If you can send me some stickers, you can send them to 7739 Bradwell Ave. Apt. 32 Whittier, CA 90606. Thanks in advance.

  105. Kevin says:

    Hey Enjoi! I’d like to say that I really like your skateboards! I was wondering if you guys have any stickers that you can send to me so that I can rep your brand! Email me for my address! Thanks for your time!

  106. Cum in ma but says:

    Louie is rad

  107. walruscock says:


  108. ANONYMOUS says:

    DEAR ENJOI, get your fucking shit together bag of suck was awsome but tweak the beef may sound good but is completely OVER RATED get some more shit with that ryan kid and less buffoni we know she wont skate as well as any of you in her entire life and plus we know shes obviously a gimmic to increase your sales. and stop it with the fucking enjoi doesnt fit decks team riders need a deck that represents them as a skater not just a deck with a members name on it… so stop the shitaki get moving!!!

  109. Rail_chomper69 says:

    Does anybody have some Erica Yary n00dz? Chick is bangin hot!!

  110. taso83 says:

    i’m a dumbass nerd

  111. Jerry says:

    thanks pops. those fuckers are ruining shitaki. i’ve been meaning to send them fucked up stuff too but i’m a lazy stoner. maybe you’re actions will inspire me to do the same in the future. thanks again.

  112. jerry hsus dad says:

    Im gonna shit in a ziploc bag and send it to every whiny faggot who put their address on here and asked for stickers fuck you

  113. Abby says:

    Hey guys, i’m Abby. I absolutely love your company! I was wondering if you could send me some free goods, such as stickers or posters, so I can represent you. My address is 523 Sandalwood Dr. El Cajon, CA, 92021. Thanks so much!

  114. Anonymous says:

    pierced nipples are hot.

  115. Anonymous says:

    if you actually liked a company you would buy things from them so they can pay the riders and make shit. if you’re an entitled shit who’s never worked for anything in your life you might ask for free shit all the time.

  116. Anonymous says:

    send homo-erotica to

  117. Maurice the black says:

    how did they know princess Dianna had dandruff?

    they found her head and shoulders on the dashboard.

  118. Mike says:

    I recently bought my first enjoi deck and i have to say it is my favorite board I have ever owned. You guys make some quality boards, keep up the good work.

  119. Oli says:

    Was sweet to have raemers back in the uk, always awesome watching him skate in my hometown, quit stealing him from us :(

  120. Ace says:

    These motherfuckers got me back into Snow Boarding. One summer I was hanging in a basement in Portland. I had a homie who was hard up at the time. Obviously, I smoked him out everyday for a while, and eventually he was like, “Dude, you want my skateboard, I never ride it?” to which I said, “Yes.”

    Making this short, I tore my fucking meniscus on it, but was reminded of how good the ride is. Four or five years later and I teach snowboarding all winter.

    Crème de menthe, mother fuckers…

  121. Reuben says:

    Hey enjoi, I’m way digging your gnarly brand bro and was hoping you could drop me over some rad ass stickers! Send me an email –

  122. Anonymous says:

    hey bros let’s take care of the planet and shit. we live here y’know.

  123. Flipes says:

    never go to the zoo. it’s evil.

  124. nips says:

    i’ve got leg troubles

  125. derps says:

    gee willys i sure could use some plancy stickers todaynight here publicize my address and don’t send me poopies in boxes

  126. Bunds says:

    stickers are really cheap y’know. why don’t you buy some, like support the company you ‘love’.

  127. Aaron says:

    Hi I absolutely love your products so can you please send me some of your stickers so I can show them off on my skateboard. My email is

  128. Aaron says:

    Hi I absolutely love your products so can you please send me some of your stickers so I can show them off on my skateboard.
    Thanks Aaron

  129. Chris says:

    Me and three buddies are planning to make a roadtrip troughout Europe this summer holidays, and we would like to Pimp our Volkswagen Van.
    Could you guys send us some stickers to freshen up our ride?

    My name & address is:

    Chris Schildermans
    Neuserdijk 19
    3900 Overpelt
    Thanks a lot!

  130. Anonymous says:

    My first board was a Cairo Foster limited edition. Man I loved that board. Got run over by a pickup truck. Nothing happened to it, it’s still probably somewhere in my parents house. Enjoi decks are practically made out of steel. Cheers.

  131. anusnymou says:

    yo’ i wanna,

    i don’t wanna

  132. Anonymous says:


  133. deshawn williams says:

    Skateboarding isnt all easy especially in lakeland florida where there is crazy heat the whole enjoi team should come someday to the “lakeland lake bonny skate park” i wanna get sponsored by enjoi.

  134. k says:

    Jerry Hsu’s mom is fabulous

  135. Nicholas Goble says:

    will you send me free stickers, samples, or posters i have been a fan of your product for a long while and would like to rep it on my car skateboard and bike please send to and here

    Nicholas Goble
    8576 Vince Rd
    Moses Lake, WA 98837

  136. ガビ says:

    Hey guys. Don’t really want anything material. Just want an opportunity to skate with you fools. I also have “Enjoi” tattooed on my left forearm. I guess I’m a skating billboard. Anyways. Stay alive guys. Keep shreddin’.

  137. Ethan says:

    Hi my name is Ethan Parenteau and I
    Really like your products and I was wondering if you could send me some stickers if so send it to

    Canada, British Columbia
    West Vancouver, 4786 Headland Court

    Thank You

  138. Dominic Janlin says:

    Hi my name is Dominic Janlin. I’ve been a big fan of your products for some time. First board was enjoi, first tre flip was enjoi and first skate board desk that i made was enjoi. I love the art and I was wondering if it was possible to receive some company stickers so I could rep your stuff on my cars, around the house and maybe a few around the shop where I work. If so please send them to me at 5906nw 72nd street Tamarac Fl 33321.

  139. Mmm.. Fravor Country says:

    Hey man can I get a sticker? No but seriously I have been trying to find that Jerry Daewon board and no luck. Know where I can purchase one?

  140. Ruaridh Munro says:

    Sup! You probably get this every day guys but I really love enjoi, in skate, and in real life! So any chance you can send me some shit? Maybe just stickers? :-) address: 32 Inverkip Street Flat2/3 Greenock Scotland Pa15 1tf

  141. Jerry Hsu's Nipples says:

    Hi! My life sucks. FML.

  142. Matthias Baete says:

    I am a big fan of panda’s and skating I have been skating with Enjoi for over 3 years. I really like the way they flip. But my skateshop never gives me stickers of Enjoi so I wonderd if you would send me a couple please?
    Matthias Baete
    Reigerslaan 7
    9060 Zelzate

    Thanks for the support

  143. Nathan Lopez says:

    I am a big fan of the team and the brand, my first board was enjoi and i always ride with enjoi, could you send me free stickers or anything you have just lying around. Email me at my email adress its for my home adress. I apreciate the work you do , thank you.

  144. Darrius says:

    I love you guys company and wanted to show some support by recieving some free stickers. If I can have some stickers my address is
    Darrius Strong
    475 Crestview Ave
    San Bernardino, CA 92410


  145. Balto says:

    i would like anything

  146. Balto says:

    plz can you guys send me something i would love anything thank you

  147. Joseph :> says:

    Asking for free stuff is for real skate punks fuck yeah free shit!!!!

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