1. reply to me choad says:

    if i took a train all the way down to your warehouse could i be a slave as long as i got to sleep in the corner like mellow housecat. im from everett washington and would literally stack everything/get coffee/take out the trash/ mow your lawn/ shave joses back/ drink beers/ sweep/ deliver bags of poo/ bowl cut louie. i’d do everything short of sexual favors. sincerely the batman of everett

  2. Zero Thoughts says:

    if only i wasn’t so lazy, i’d send all these sticker beggars pictures of my dick and balls. Maybe some fresh pupe as well.

  3. Donavon says:



  4. Caleb Mize says:

    My name is Caleb Mize and i have been a huge fan of your company for many years! I love your brand and would love to show my appreciation for it. I was hoping to sport some of your stickers on my snowboard, jeep, and bass guitar case. I praise your company for its products and tell all of my friends about your quality and would love to show your brand off! My address is 2653 Elmwood St. Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44221.
    Thank you so much,

  5. fun-guy says:

    hey what year did you run the porno chicks graphics. eg caswell berry always bets on black..

  6. Sowi says:


  7. scott dunn says:

    I Love ENJOI

  8. DGK says:

    Wazzzz UP

  9. scott dunn says:

    Talking to Enjoi About sponsorship

  10. Danny Scurfield says:

    Hey enjoi,

    I love your decks and wondering if you could send me some stickers.If not where could I get some?

    Thanks for your time and happy holidays!

    Email me:

  11. Nick says:

    All hail Louie Barletta!

  12. carbonskateboards says:

    Just letting industry members know CARBONSKATEBOARDS.COM is for sale.

  13. jimmyshit says:

    stickers please

  14. Adam Stewart says:

    I’m a silly twat and I hate enjoi.

  15. gripthumb says:


  16. Sowi says:

    All the way from HOPI we enjoi skating

  17. Ta-seen says:

    Hey Enjoi,Iwas wondering if i can get some free stickers so i can put them on my board and on my car and in my room .Thanks for taking the time o read this .
    Email me at :

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Mace says:

    Hey there,
    I love Enjoi, and was hoping I could get some free stickers from you guys to put on my board to represent you company ! Rock on, Mace

  20. Tommy Leon says:

    Can you please send me some stickers i have been riding enjoi skatboard brand since i was in 5th grade and i wants some stickers to put on my board my mailing address is:
    Tommy Leon
    Scottsdale Az 85257
    7019 E palm ln #1

  21. Dylan Nelson says:

    Hey guys! i just wanted to say that i love your products and your company and i was wondering if i could have some stickers to support you guys? Thanks! and happy holidays!
    Dylan Nelson
    306 west fairoaks drive
    kouts indiana 46347

  22. Fuck you beggars says:

    Whoever puts their adress down here asking for stickers should just get sent a used condom.

  23. Fuck you beggars says:

    Whoever is seriously putting their adress on this asking for stickers should just be sent a used condom.

  24. Bootymaster69 says:

    On rainy days i like to get naked and cover myself in Vaseline and slide around my front yard on my tummy and pretend im a slug

  25. dwayne wade says:

    y’all ever stick pop rocks in your pee hole? yaaaaaazoww!

  26. dwayne wade says:

    whos finger-banged the most old ladies on the team?

  27. Arch Stanton says:

    zumies is out!

  28. Arch Stanton says:

    is this where i order stickers

  29. Arch Stanton says:

    is this where i order stickers?

  30. Jaeger says:

    Enjoi am panda?

  31. Dylan Vanderpool says:

    What are some of the Characteristics and Amount of footy you need to be on Enjoi?

  32. Lance Denton says:

    For people who say Jerry Hsu is gay, he is the shit. And for people who say ” send free stickers ” just stop there only five bucks at zumiez just go get some.

  33. person with opinion says:

    wow this is the worst comment page ever

  34. sjpd says:

    You are all under arrest.

  35. Rick says:

    After wearing my first enjoi t-shirt for about three hours my friend noticed a hole in the seam where the sleeve meets the back of shirt. I was disappointed because I really like the graphic on the shirt. I purchase skateboarding clothes because of the style and durability that they offer. Durability in this case was noticeably lacking, since I barely wore the shirt outside let alone skate in it. If anyone from enjoi wants to make this right is where to reach me. Thanks.

  36. Nicky T-Bone Stallon says:

    I <3 Pho!!!!………….


  37. K says:

    Enjoi Admins says:

    “Hello Enjoi fans!
    Please try not to harm each other with hurtful words here, and please do not spam unwanted messages! This a place for sharing the love with us, not sharing a punch in someone’s heart.
    -Enjoi Admin”

    Kind of a hypocritical thing for an Admin to say when he represents a company perpetuating stereotypes and also condones rape and domestic violence references in its products and advertising.

  38. oh you are sooo cool says:

    wow you guys are just sooooooooooo coooool and out there and just soooo original. LOL. Try hards.

  39. Austin Debina says:

    I’d Love to sport your brand with some free stickers. I’ll put it on anything i have. My skate board, my binders, my panels, my car, anything. I’d really like to sport your brand with some free stickers! Let me know, my email is:

  40. henry says:

    where’s jerry gone?!

  41. Archie Konovalenko says:

    “Hi! Enjoi
    I love your brand and I was wondering if there was any way that I could receive free stickers? so I could Represent your brand. I enjoy using stickers(decals) from my favorite companies on my sports equipment and vehicle and I would love to add one of yours to my things! Thanks! If yes,
    Archie Konovalenko
    2951 Marysville Blvd. Apt. 5 Sacramento, CA 95815

  42. Mia says:

    Hi enjoi,
    I love your brand and was wondering if you could send me some stickers so I can represent your stuff. Keep up the great work.

  43. JGONZ says:


  44. JGONZ says:


  45. Lukas kavaloski says:

    Hi my name is Luke and I really want to rep your company so I was just wondering if yo could give me some stickers if so my address is white bear lake MN 2533 crestline dr

  46. Skeletor says:

    Rojo, give up the booty

  47. Santamaria says:

    Love the brand, love the products, love the decals – please be nice people and send me some sticky panda love in an envelope. I need a panda on my snowboard! Contact me Ciao

  48. Shit happens says:

    why jimmy carlin is not on the team on your website ?

  49. Alberto Becherini says:

    Dear Enjoi Team!
    My name is Alberto Becherini and I am an illustrator from Italy.
    Over the last years, I have been working with several very popular bands in Music Industry,
    including Rancid, BMTH, Paramore, the Flatliners, Flogging Molly, Polar Bear Club,
    Gallows, Face To Face, Off With Their Heads, Parkway Drive and many more.

    You can find the majority of my works on my Website:
    Being influenced and inspired by music, but also vintage cartoons and…

  50. samuel l jackson says:

    everybody needs to brodown over some wine coolers and the sex and the city box set. or else this watermelons gonna get it

  51. some dude says:

    mary mary quite contrary shave that pussy its so damn hairy

  52. enjoi says:

    send me a sticker of your moms bearded clam

  53. TheAlbinoTadpole says:

    imm a little drunk right now

  54. Jerry says:

    Adam Stewart is a stupid bunghole.

  55. Todd says:

    someone teach me how to skate i have like 0 knowledge add me on skype imblackdontlaff is my skype name thanks

  56. Jerry Hsu's Dad says:

    What did you guys do to make Jerry leave? Touch his penis?

  57. yomumma says:

    YOO DAWGZZ WHAZZZUPPP enjoi b awesum

  58. clark says:

    sup niggas, enjoi is da shiat.

  59. TheBigRedSonABitch says:


  60. nolski says:

    stickers, please???

  61. COJO design says:

    Let me draw you deck designs.

    Go look at my shit

    instagram: COJOdesign

  62. Kohilan says:

    Hey guys I love your boards and was wondering if you could send me some rad stickers of like so me fat awesome giant panda or something. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. If possible please email me back at THANK YOU!

  63. so I says to mabel, says:

    If your enjoi sweatshirt is faded, try not washing it that does the trick. Never fear you stink when youre near but youre a star from afar.

  64. DOLAN says:

    you guys should team up with welcome. and also, you guise are my favorite brand, and i own like 8 of your shirts.

  65. Cameron says:

    Hello people of Enjoi skateboards. I truly love your company. Your boards are amazing quality and are stylish. I would love to represent your company. With that being said, it would be great if you could send me free stickers. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  66. carson fisher says:

    hi this is carson fisher from punk city I was wondering if we could get sponsored
    follow us on instagram @punkcityskate

  67. Clark Hassler says:

    Am I pro yet

  68. monopatin says:

    What is the e-mail address?
    plz send email.

  69. anthony britton says:

    hey i was wondering if there is any way to order every color of your manorexic spectrum jeans/pants im a huge enjoi fan and ive looked all over the internet to find them but no one has them anymore so I figured i would see if i could order directly from you my email address is I would appreciate it if you could get back to me hope to hear from you soon guys.
    thank you so much

  70. Jerry says:

    you guys like hardcore badass tunes?

  71. Naphan says:

    I love that internet famous hsu shirt

  72. a funny prank says:

    send dick pics to
    say it’s stickers

  73. Captain Obvious says:

    Well Charlie, you buy them. at a store. they’re really cheap. probably the cheapest thing you could buy in a skate shop. if you actually liked the company maybe you would want to support them by, y’know, buying their products. asking for free shit is the opposite of supporting a company. it’s more like, hey can i have some of your money so you can’t pay for your hilarious ads and kick ass team please?

  74. Adam Stewart says:


  75. Charlie says:

    How can I get some stickers?

  76. that mexican says:


  77. chuckles says:

    All these addresses are going straight into my stalk-library

  78. Free Pussy Riot says:

    Free Pussy Riot also Louie is the best and so jerry to bad he left.

  79. Mike Buckenmeyer says:

    Can I intern with you guys?

  80. cristian botello says:

    I would like to receive a free enjoi sticker pack please?

  81. stumpy says:


  82. Rosa Parks says:


  83. @hiiskate says:

    louie barletta likes drawing dicks. Alot…

  84. John says:

    Make more decks with more pandas! just like a Panda Warhol! do eeeeet

  85. Anonymous says:

    hell yeah i love anime lol

  86. aidan says:


  87. leon says:

    hi. you are awesome. enjoy rocks. I hope you are having a nice day because I am. I enjoy the skate. When I said enjoy, i meant enjoi because spell check did not recognize your brand. I’m going now. I’ll tell the internet to fix spellcheck. bye.

  88. pickle dik says:

    what up nestor?

  89. pickle dik says:

    more panda pushin. let me get some free you. taste the pickle. live the pickle.

  90. pickle dik says:

    more stickers bitch! let me get some free yo.
    taste the pickle! live the pickle.

  91. your mom says:

    somebody get these squirrels to stop fucking in my kitchen

  92. god says:


  93. Milner Shaun says:

    Free stickers?

  94. Joey Caruso says:

    balls nigga huh

  95. Tony hawk says:

    you lads suck

  96. Shaun the shroom says:

    Tell Ben he owes me a beer from the ideal volcom sesh few years back arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh im gona get yaz!

  97. jose rojo says:

    hey webmanager! im in Satori wheels not momentm

  98. dandle says:

    people dont give enough shout outs to nestor, he’s the best

  99. Hunter says:

    Listen I am going to cut the crap and get to the truth I love enjoi and I personally think it is the best skate board brand but I want some fucking free stickers.

  100. taylor says:

    Sponsorship ?

  101. marc johnson says:

    hey jerry come ride for chocolate

  102. Dustin wilson says:

    Porn wont work on my phone. Guess ill just beat off to this site :/

  103. random says:

    You don’t get something like a perfect setup.

  104. enjoi says:

    What is your perfect setup?

  105. random says:

    What is your perfect setup?

  106. Asian Elvis says:

    I’ll never be as good as Marc Johnson!, but ill go tilt mode for his spunk any day.. I’m turning gay one day at time.

  107. Asian Elvis says:

    It’s true all Chinese have small dicks, but we do enjoi sucking them!! Little dick bitch coming atcha

  108. Narin says:


  109. vandykspies says:

    Think you should delete al the posts with bad words

  110. sorryforthat says:

    Love your clothing and gear cantact me plz, I know how I can help you spreading a good name with a good time. Just for the joy of enjoi ng a good skate.

  111. says:

    Hallo my name is bob. I really want some stickers plz.
    What the fuck grow up and go buy some stickers if you want some why the fuck should enjoi give you somethiing fucking pozers. Stay of the net and get some streets creds….the joy of enjoi stay straight fuckers

  112. Herry Jsu says:

    Jose, you haven’t finished cutting my lawns

  113. Jose Rojo says:

    Well atleast i have a job in Nacho Libre 2 coming summer 2014

  114. Jose Rojo says:

    What am i gonna do now??!!!

  115. Jose Rojo says:

    Fuck my life

  116. Jose Rojo says:


  117. Enjoi says:

    Jimmy is in your out, thats how it is bro, sorry. Hope you find a deck sponsor soon

  118. Jose Rojo says:

    Come on guys dont be like this i belong in enjoi, its my home

  119. Enjoi says:

    Jose your of the team

  120. Cock face noseslide says:

    Jimmy carlin is my darling

  121. He says:

    Dont pull out

  122. Jose Rojo says:

    Please dont kick me of the team

  123. jerrys vag says:

    jerry thinks his sj pals are lame hes with the cool kids now in la dude do something

  124. victor panda perez says:

    Enjoi B2M Transfer Custom Crew Sweatshirt i want one!!!!!!!! i been searching for it for months cant find a large it sucks cuz the sweater a work of art :(

  125. victor panda perez says:

    why did you guys stop making a Enjoi B2M Transfer Custom Crew Sweatshirts i fucken fell in love with it when i walked into ccs and i saw one for the first time i keep searching been searching ever since i saw it but cant seem to find a large :(

  126. charlie says:

    hey guys, huge fan of the company, the skaters and everything that you guys do! it would be sick if you guys could send me some stickers, so if possible email me at for my home address,
    thanks guys

  127. Herry Jsu says:

    I am Jerry’s illegitimate son.
    I like to eat noodles and to do skateboard.
    and yes I am asian

  128. Taylor Taters says:

    Hey I love Enjoi skatebards a lot and I wondered if you can send me some stickers, please. My address is:
    Your dad’s ass.

  129. enjoi says:


  130. enjoi says:


  131. enjoi says:


  132. kdfjlsdkfj says:


  133. ddddd says:


  134. jjjjjjj says:


  135. Malto says:

    hey jose come cut my grass por favor

  136. ralph nader says:

    Yes Jimmy Carlin oh baby baby hot hot yes now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. A Zombie says:

    I like turtles….and stickers

  138. Leader of Zombies says:

    I like turtles

  139. Meltman says:

    I, for one, welcome the newest panda pumper. FSM bless you.

  140. Marc johnson says:

    I used to run this bitch!

  141. Tobias funke says:

    make a new full length before I die of old age

  142. Harley says:

    Can you send Paul Rodriquez some free stickers? His gold boards are lookin pretty plain

  143. Shaun White says:

    This isn’t where I left my snowboard….

  144. jerry hsu says:

    I loved my part in “tweak the beef” oh wait nevermind.

  145. Enjoi Admins says:

    Hello Enjoi fans!
    Please try not to harm each other with hurtful words here, and please do not spam unwanted messages! This a place for sharing the love with us, not sharing a punch in someone’s heart.
    -Enjoi Admin

  146. jerry says:

    Lol I have same name as jerry hsu….

  147. mehdi says:

    “Hi enjoi,
    I m skater and i love your brand, and was wondering if you guys
    could mail me some stickers so I can represent your stuff?
    Keep up the great work!

    - Mehdi gueji from morocco”


  148. cow says:


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