1. Jackson says:

    When you gonna turn Ben Raemer pro we need some UK pro represent on the Enjoi team. Keep up the ads.

  2. Crase Mahana says:

    *parents as God-figures*

  3. Michael Christie says:

    Hi enjoy skateboards, I’m a huge fan of your skateboard. Anyways I recently renovated my room and was wondering if you had any stickers, banners, posters or anything you could send me to help me decorate and also promote your company to family and friends. It wouldn’t be the same without You as a part of my room. Thank you for reading and considering my email, Michael Christie

  4. Rowen Smith says:

    Hook me up with the corporate email.

    I have great stuff to mail you

    Rowen, filmmaker from Cape Town
    South Africa

  5. Rowen Smith says:

    We are a group of young filmmakers in Cape Town South Africa, currently working on a series of skateboarding videos called; The Mill Street Skate Park Short Film Series, and we are looking for SKATEBOARDING BRANDS to shoot a short Skating Advert For as part of the Skateboarding Series we are producing in June. With this letter, we kindly request to speak to the people involved with branding & marketing to possibly shoot a short…

  6. andrés mena says:

    soy el primer chileno en comentar ?

  7. jack brown says:

    hello i have an enjoi deck and i would like to say i enjoyed riding it that much when it broke i bought the same deck again, i would appreciate it if i could promote the company by putting pink stickers on my deck and car thank you

  8. A Abi says:

    Hello My Name is Abi and I have been a huge fan of your products for quite some time now. I was wondering if it is possible to recieve some enjoi stickers. My email is . Thank you.

  9. Cameron N says:

    Hey! Hows it going? I recently bought a deck from enjoi after wearing the clothes for a few years. I’ve got to say, it is the best deck I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I was wondering if I could get some stickers to put on my deck and laptop and stuff. Thanks!


  10. emily says:

    no anime sucks

  11. Theron Mandeville says:

    Hi guys, my name is Theron Mandeville I’m a surfer/skater from the South Bay, I use your products everyday and was wondering if I could get some stickers for my board(s) so I can represent you? My address is 1812 Marine Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA.

  12. Roman Bellic says:

    Hey cous’, you wanna go bowling?

  13. Timothy Wisniewski says:

    Hello Enjoi,
    I’m writing to you today, because I’m a Big fan and supporter of your name and products. I’m a little concerned about a pair of paints I bought though. All thought these paints are the most comfortable pair I’ve owned in quite a while, I had the “Tab” of the zipper fall off. Now its quite hard to do up my “Fly”. Being a fan I thought maybe worth looking into to help the name of your much loved line.Thanks for taking the time to read my concern, and look…

  14. #weatepizza says:

    Shit happens

  15. Tim Weir says:

    Hello my name is Tim Weir and I was just want to say that Enjoi is one of my favourite skateboard company! I have only have a few decks but, the decks have lasted me a long time! I was just wondering if I could receive a some stickers to further rep your awesome company!

    I would love to hear back from you!

    Thanks, Tim Weir

    Contact Info:


  16. atem says:

    the shitaki page is stuck on page 25

  17. Bildo says:

    Where can i get ahold of enjoi apparell in Victoria, Australia yo?

  18. Spock says:

    Live long and prosper

  19. carl says:


  20. Matthew Roseen says:

    Hi my name is Matt Roseen and I just wanted to say how much I love your products and I would love it if I could have a sticker to put on my car to rep your stuff! If that would be at all possible please e-mail me ( I’d appreciate it! Thanks for your time.

  21. flink says:

    Bp gap*

  22. flink says:

    I stayed inside my house without skateboarding for 18 months doing nothing but playing video games and jacking off 3 times a day to free porn. A total of 1,650 times. Im now pale, groggy and my vision fades when I stand up. Im 6 foot tall and only 126 lbs. I eat cheeseburgers and bacon and icecream every day and after the past year and a half of doing absolutely nothing I went and kickflipped BP game (6 foot high, 8 foot long) first try

  23. BangYourDogi says:

    I swear to God I will send all those posting addresses bags of stinky doodoo courtesy of my ass

  24. Steven says:


  25. CJduhGooseMan says:

    favorite fast food place

  26. SARBEAR says:

    Hey its sarah what is your email? Thanks

  27. molly says:

    last night my friend cut off the tag on his hoodie. the tag read “dirty laundry keep women busy.” he said he would never buy enjoi again.

    young boys are bein brainwashed by shit like this, you corporate scum.

    listen to bikini kill. skate on. fuck going pro. fuck enjoi. girls rule

  28. Maybelle says:

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  29. Gnikrul says:

    Hello readers of enjoi shitaki, as an avid skateboard enthusiast, I document some of the skateboard riding of myself and my colleagues. I make fun times montages for myself and my colleagues to enjoy at our leisure, and they are usually subpar as to the quality of skateboarding and editing/videography. I have however recently put together one that is highly enjoyable so I have decided to share it with you fine people out of the kindness of my heart.

  30. Guy says:

    I want some free stickers for my board.

  31. Mattt says:

    College is a bust. Thankfully there is Enjoi.

  32. Julia Roberts says:

    I could never date a man who doesn’t like enjoi

  33. Ferndejo says:

    I been loving Enjoi since i was a little kid back in the day they got some sweet riders and love all the products! i especially love all the hilarious shit yall do!

  34. Andreé says:

    Joy and enjoi

  35. Una says:

    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your site provided us with valuable info to work on.
    You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

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  36. doode says:

    why do i have to write this fucking security code

  37. MAXIMAL says:

    Dude anime is the shit those japanese artists have crazy style

  38. Trey says:

    all my niqqas are white

  39. tom vandeveer says:

    whats good with being flow ?

  40. DildoGaggins says:


  41. muSHROOMS says:

    purple is blue is red. red+blue=purpley. color math. HYPNOTOAD

  42. RASTA PANDA says:

    Any suggestions for practicing flip tricks as someone who sucks?

  43. andy812 says:

    I need help. I love your brand, and I’m a big guy, and I ‘m wondering if you sell any of your tee’s in a xxxl. I love ur stuff but I just can’t fit your xxl. Is there a website you can point me towards, or a store? I’de love to flash your your art, just wanna know if I can. THX, busman812.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. U can email me at

  44. busman812 says:

    I need help. I love your brand, and I’m a big guy, and I ‘m wondering if you sell any of your tee’s in a xxxl. I love ur stuff but I just can’t fit your xxl. Is there a website you can point me towards, or a store? I’de love to flash your your art, just wanna know if I can. THX, busman812.

    P.S. U can email me at

  45. chris chole says:

    the sign up for the email dosent work what does it mean by indicates

  46. Lucifer's jock-itch says:

    yo yo yo yo enjoi yall fucking rock. i use about three needles filled with jerry hsu’s boob sweat to get high on a daily basis.

  47. AndreaOngarini says:

    sponsor me ma a faker U:

  48. Anonymous says:

    sponsor me ma a faker U:

  49. Fuck says:


  50. Reece Johnston says:

    I’m officially on the website…

  51. Durai says:

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  52. Ethannn says:

    I love how everyone wants stickers and im just sitting here hugging my giant potato smiling and playing wii fit with the controller in a onesie while holding a butter knife saying, tell me to work harder and i silce ur ass.

  53. Ben says:

    Wut up. enjoi is the BEST

  54. im board says:

    ,kk,kjkkljkhjukh,kmnjhfvytyvcrv jjkfcbnmkgsaqehfdfcb dchhnvjn nfcvnjmbjk vrvjnrxjcvrfykkjeykf!@#$%^&**()lkkjhgfszsyujb rdcthnjcvtfmv gnhjmhugiyftvdcrtfvgyubbyfvtdbnm

  55. Michael says:

    To Adam Stewart: Why don’t you send them a video of how good you are you could become a team member

  56. Alfred Extreme Sport says:

    Dear Enjoi,
    The Alfred University Extreme Sports Club is hosting a skate/bike jam on april 26 and was wondering if you could send some merchandise to help sponsor for the skaters. you can email me at

  57. Alfred Extreme Sport says:

    Dear Enjoi,
    The Alfred University Extreme Sports Club is hosting a skate/bike jam on april 26 and was wondering if you could send some merchandise to help sponsor for the skaters
    Thanks Coton

  58. Georgetta says:

    Howdy! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with
    seo (

    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing
    very good success. If you know of any please share.
    Thank you!

  59. Enjoi says:


  60. mini-m3 says:

    you guys should make a sneezing panda deck

  61. ya boy j. says:

    enjoi team,
    holla at me with some stickers.

  62. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Jerry Hsu

  63. Enjoi says:

    Dear broke losers,
    Stop asking for stickers

    The “Man”

  64. Josh says:

    Hi Enjoi!
    Enjoi Boards are sick and i ride them!
    is it ok if i can have some sweet stickers!

    Email me if i can!

  65. Josh says:

    Hi Enjoi!
    Enjoi Boards are sick and i ride them!
    is it ok if i can have some sweet stickers!

  66. Struggle User says:

    adam you don’t need no stickers c’mon son.

  67. taso83 says:


  68. taso83_ says:


  69. a pair of buttcheeks says:

    sumthing smells.. fishy

  70. Shroomsome says:

    best quotes here”I’m a dousche bag give me free stuff” lol

  71. Adam Bradsshaw says:

    Dear Enjoi, i am a extremely big fan and it would be awesome if you could send me some cool stickers. my address by the way is 7/19 starwway unit 7B Ellsworth Maine 04605

  72. raj says:


  73. Kieran Donohoe says:


    Is there any chance i could have some stickers i am a big fan of you guys and want to stick some on my new board, cheers
    By the way my address is
    40 French Street Maroubra, NSW, 2035, Australia
    Kieran Donohoe

  74. Jonathan Goodwin says:

    I am currently deployed and we sometimes take care packages to the base chapel to give to the base personnel. I have read great reviews about your products and I was wondering if you guys do some kind of military care package or sample pack. I really appreciate it.

  75. Kurt Cobain says:

    ain’t got no how watchamacallit

  76. Omar posthuma says:

    I have a friend named leon karssen. He makes all sorts of gripslices and artwork, maybe you guys are interested and can work with him.
    Here is his site:
    I think you guys will like it

  77. Steven McBoogerBalls says:

    Dick Helicopter

  78. EugeneVoff says:

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  79. YUNG FRESH says:


  80. YUNG FRESH says:


  81. Peter says:

    what’s enjoi?

  82. Peter says:

    Remember when I farted

  83. Jake says:

    i wonder if louie sucks or bites his lollipops

  84. Your MOM says:

    All you do is play those damn games and on that damn Inter-computer thing. stop sitting around wishing you were on the enjoi team take out the trash

  85. Stephen says:

    Where can I get some enjoi stickers

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Chris Rucho says:


    Just wondering if you could send me some stickers from your company. I noticed my son checking out your website and I was going to give them to him for his birthday. He likes putting stickers on his snowboard, long boards, car and well just about everywhere.

    Thanks for your time, have a nice day.

    Chris Rucho
    7 Colonial Hill Dr.
    West Boylston, MA 01583

  88. Adrian Niculae says:

    Hello Enjoi ,

    I am a very big fan of the graphics you guys create, and woul love to represent this great team on my board. I was wondering if you could please give me some free stickers. Thank you very much. :)
    My email is:
    My address is:

    Adrian Niculae
    3327 west 125th st.
    Cleveland Ohio

    Thanks again Enjoi!

  89. Skate Great says:

    Hey Enjoi team and all that. Can i please get some help on my website i’m trying to sell skateboards and it would be a huge help if you guys helped me get some boards. Comment something on to talk to me. Cheers.

  90. michael p striepling says:

    louie is my spirit animal

  91. I LOVE ENJOI says:


    I love your decks! Cannot ask for better quality! Do you offer stickers or decals? I’d like to further represent Enjoi. Anything would be appreciated.
    My address is:

    Ian Keller
    402 W. College Ave.
    unit 2172
    Ada, Ohio 45810

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the quality work!

    take care,


  92. Nicole says:

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  94. Robert says:

    hello. I love your company and i skateboard all the time but my skateboard looks bland. could you please send me some stickers to put on my skateboard and equipment? thanks for considering me.!
    my adress is
    Robert Koosha
    5 Tiburon Lane
    Malvern PA 19355

  95. Bret says:

    11th Annual Summer Meltdown
    Autism Awareness Arts and Music Festival
    Produced By Yes I Can “Unity Through Music & Education”


  96. Brett Ellens says:

    Hi there,

    We here at YETI Coolers are building a sticker wall within our Corporate Head Quarters. We have plenty of wall space and are trying to fill it as quickly as possible.

    I am reaching out to you to see if you are willing to send us some stickers to throw up on our way, and in return, we can send a few YETI stickers back.

    If you would like to be a part of our sticker wall, please send stickers to:

    Brett Ellens
    5301 Southwest Parkway
    Suite 200
    Austin, TX 78745

    Brett Ellens

  97. super ultra megarare says:

    When I was a teenager at Indian River Correctional Institution in Vero Beach, Florida I drew an Enjoi Panda on the bottom of the top bunk

  98. ShitReally? says:

    Do stickers still cost almost nothing? Are they still available in most skate shops? Please send me free answers for the bottom of my board.

  99. Anonymous says:

    This skate season I want your stickers on my board , I will rep you guys. if you need anything

  100. Zultan says:

    Where is the space time continuum?

  101. Taco Biscuit says:

    Yo, bla bla bla you company is great. Bla bla bla I have all your stuff. Bla bla bla Carlin is sexy. I’m in a band and want to cover my guitar in pandas. Hook of brotha urp?

  102. Jake says:

    yo lemme holla at yo grandma later man, i gotta write a comment for enjoi

  103. Erqballs says:

    Screw you all

    thank you

  104. enjoi says:

    Please make some corduroy pants again! I will buy a pair for sure. I cant find any of the previous makes in my size

  105. a god says:

    The skateboarding videos are awesome There should be a section for hardcore porn, scene teens and asian bi/ lesbian only

  106. link says:

    whats for dinner tonight mom? vegan frog legs

  107. trukfit is fuckshit says:

    Lil wayne is so lame!! He brings gangbanging into skateboarding what a Poser. I would burn his red flag and he hires strippers to shake their massive Butts while he skates and does rockn rolls looking like hes about to fall off the board He is such a loser and a disgrace to skateboarding

  108. sonic the hedgehog says:

    The best part about going to skateparks is the soccer moms!

  109. poser says:

    Im going to cover the handrail at hollywood high with enjoi stickers

  110. TJ says:

    There are so many low life idiotic gangbangers where I live in Jacksonville Florida with bandanas hanging from there pockets and guns in their waistband. I love to show off the gangbang T shirt but Im a little worried it might get me hurt one day.

  111. fruit booter says:

    hey uhhh.. Can have a sticker to put on my rollerblades?

  112. T W says:

    Omg I love the gangbang logo!! I tried to wear the T shirt to visit my cousin in prison ( hes in there for vehicular manslaughter , complete accident ) because there are a lot of gangbangers there but they wouldnt let me in with it on =/

  113. prod says:

    fuck enjoi gimme the stickers

  114. The fox says:

    damn everybody quits you enjoi. mullen quit marc Johnson quit jerry quit. when caswell and louie leave you guys are gonna crash so hard and bad and bad and hard. that being said can I have free stickers to put on my bike please.

  115. Cameron says:

    Hey can anybody help me because one of my truck push in on my enjoi board keeps slipping outta place but I don’t know why it’d be great if someone could help a lot thanks

  116. Patricia Romero says:

    Hey Enjoi! How are you? I hope all is well. :) I was wondering if you could please send my son and I some of your very cool stickers for free so I can decorate my college binder as well as MANY other things, and my son could decorate his long board and bedroom? We could then represent your awesome company. Please keep up the fabulous job you guys are doing! Thanks so much and take care. ~Sincerely, Patricia & Josh Romero
    Our address is: 1730 N.Towne Ave Apt.22 Claremont ,Ca. 91711

  117. Nathan says:

    By clothes i mean boards

  118. Nathan says:

    Hi i have been buying your clothes like forever repping u guys everywere i got can u guys hook me up with some free stickers i dont care wat they are I can’t order from online my address is 705 sandalwood dr 30350 sandy springs GA p.s. Love your boards and pandas

  119. Penis says:

    I love my enjoi board but I’m not going to pay to advertise for you fuckers! send me some god damn stickers!

  120. enjoi says:

    go buy stickers asswhipes we aint no charity for lame kids

  121. iloveyourmomsorough says:

    i loved your mom rough and sticker slapped her on the ass a few times. they all side wide load

  122. sticker slut says:

    i need stickers for my dildo

  123. Seany says:

    Do they even send the free stickers?

  124. Seany says:


  125. Seany says:

    I have to poop.

  126. joseph says:

    this is a cool section

  127. joseph says:

    can anyone tell me what is a good, smooth rolling truck that is easy to find in is cheap

  128. pedro jimenez says:

    hey guys i was hoping you guys can send stickers for my new boards i bought send me a email

  129. zzz says:

    anime 4 life

  130. bitchtits says:


  131. Dude says:

    skreech for enjoi

  132. my boy shifty says:

    hahaha i like boobs

  133. Fox says says:

    chica chick chic chic chica chaaa!!

  134. Jerry Hsu says:

    Fuck You Enjoi! I ride for Chocolate now. Marc Johnson owns me.

  135. Dick Buttkiss says:

    OMG Enjoi! I love your brand and team soo much. Enjoi 4 life! F.O.A.D.!

  136. B.Smith says:

    I get nowhere at work editing videos because I’m watching skate videos…

  137. TJ says:

    Even though Jerry left, Enjoi is still one of the best brands in the business. I was born in 1992 and Im not one of these kids that are just now getting into skateboarding wearing Diamond, Nike SB, or Lil Waynes brand trukfit. I understand the true meaning about skateboarding and I dont care about being sponsored or making money. I like skateboarding for what it is and I have always been a fan of enjoi and always will be! I love the deck designs and the clothes! Enjoi is pure genius!

  138. TJ says:

    Even though Jerry Hsu left, I still think Enjoi is the best brand in the business! I skate it and wear it! I love the clothes. Please never stop producing because I understand the true meaning of skateboarding and Im not one of these kids wearing Diamond or Nike SB or Lil waynes brand trukfit. Skateboarding will never be dead as long as Enjoi is alive. I am from Jacksonville and I think Cairo Foster is one of the best skaters ever. The whole team is great! Who ever designs everything is a genius

  139. Shroomsome says:

    skateboarding and mushrooms combined… my life long dream finally accomplished. thank you Enjoi

    SkateLahey out

  140. Concerned parent says:

    Jerimiah Carlino

  141. Josiah Tate says:

    HUGE fan of your clothing and brand and I would greatly appreciate it if you could sen me some stickers so that I can promote you brand

    Josiah Tate
    28820 Chagrin Blvd #219
    Woodmere, OH 44122


  142. Avery Allen says:

    hello my name is Avery, and I love the panda. My first skateboard ever was am Enjoi. I was hoping to get some company stickers to put everywhere.
    please send them to 4068 W 57th street los angeles CA 90043

  143. i love ass says:

    i love ass

  144. kk says:

    yo how do u get free stickers.

  145. Sponser? says:

    I want to get sponsered by you guys but I don’t know how; can make put a link?

  146. Billy Ray Cyrus says:

    when the cat is in the chair, then and only then will you know

  147. lukas says:

    MORE people need to get out and skate

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