1. Püpü says:

    Shred the gnar m8s

  2. wurstwasser says:

    ene mene mopel, wer frisst popel?

  3. hannah slammajamma says:

    well goddamn i sure do love me some FEELS

  4. A Arthur says:

    Could really use some Enjoi stickers for my collection…let me know…will send SASE……Thank You

  5. Jesse says:

    Slap me five

  6. Zay Hippy says:

    Hey, My name is Zay Hippy.I am 16 Years Old, ive been skating fur 11 years. My Best Tricks Are Fakie TreFlip, Full Cab,Fakie Front And Backside Flip. I Would Love tp be sponsored by your company1 I am a singer, song writer, producer and engineer. Im All Over google. search Me Youll find vids of me skating and my music videos on youtube. Please Contact me back 2036859563

  7. chrismrbitches says:


  8. ryan sports says:

    anyone have a plaidworks deck ? cant find them anywhere. hmu on instagram @ ryan_sports

  9. Anonymous says:

    What’s happening

  10. qpatty says:

    louie is the maan

  11. Jack Tossell says:

    Who ever is reading this, I love enjoi! I’ve just finished watching oververt and I think it’s sick!

  12. @interwebfamous says:

    you guys should make an anime series of boards!

  13. Chris Wise says:

    I will pay you such a stupid amount of money for an enjoi gangster-ish wallet. All of my dosh. You can have it. I just want the thing that I know you used to make because I can’t find it anywhere on the whole wide internet and you guys are my only hope. I’ll pay you in money. I’ll pay you in tacos. I’ll pay you in heartfelt greeting cards that you can save for when you forget your moms birthday. Just please help me out

  14. George Bush says:

    well howdy

  15. Shane sofia says:

    Hey! Im a huge fan of your company and products! I was just wondering if you had some time, you could send some stickers to me so I can slap them on my laptop, car and gear to rep your brand(s)! Thanks for your time.

    Shane Sofia
    2228-3 Upper Middle Road
    Burlington, Ontario
    L7P 2Z9

  16. lanna says:

    I like pandas. Therefore I like you. Give me a panda.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Baking soda

  18. skate lahey says:

    hi, my name is so n so and i live in such n such. I love your company. Can you send me some free team riders!!! that would soooo awsome. thanks i’ll be expecting them in a week or two

  19. Shitface McNutts says:

    Is this thing on?

  20. Curtis says:

    Hi, I bought an enjoi deck and it is already started to chip off the tail and its only been 2 weeks :(

  21. Andres Zavaleta says:

    well these are my personal data:

    First Name: Andres
    Last Name: Zavaleta De Los Rios
    City: Trujillo – Trujillo
    Estate / Departmen: La Libertad
    Postal Code: 044
    Country: Peru (51)

  22. Andres Zavaleta says:

    Thank you very much, I am very happy to get a enjoi deck in my country, are rare and not many people know the company, among other things compliment I like Oververt, wwoooow, I need to see it every day before skating, thanks for the inspiration, thanks Walin, well if you do not mind I would like to have some reminders Enjoi, i really want a poster or some stickers, thank you in advance, I hope this desire can consederme
    (im not good Inglés speaker, sorry: S)

  23. bradey says:


  24. Skeletor says:

    You guys are hella dope

  25. Stefano Ghignatti says:


  26. Snare Ptinia says:


  27. Joel says:

    Bring back the jerry hsu Kitten Dreams!

  28. Sam Abbott-Tate says:

    Hi I am a passionate skier and would love it if you could send me some stickers. If so it would be much appreciated.

    304 Welland rd
    fenwick, Ontario
    L0S 1C0


  29. Richard Pauls says:

    Hi, i’m a boarder from south Ontario and was wonderin if you guys had any stickers you could send my way. I’d love to put them on my board. My address is
    19 Damude Drive
    Fonthill Ontario
    L0S 1E0

  30. Chantel says:

    I’m making an Art Car by covering my Truck in stickers from Organizations/Artists/ and Businesses that I think are Awesome!! I have been reaching out to everyone I know who does some thing Awesome to see If they have some extra Promo Stickers around. I would love for you guys to be included!!! Please send any stickers you have to the address below. Thanks for your Time

    412 Bishop St
    Houston, Tx 77009

  31. Daniskayisus says:

    If louie wins SOTY i will dance ska in front of a scooter kid in underpants

  32. mikey ogilvie says:

    hi dudes,
    got a new board with a bare deck so i was writing to ask about stickers to pimp my deck up a little?

    The Farmhouse,
    Brigton of Ruthven,
    PH12 8RQ

    peace out, mikey

  33. Sean Malto says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey,my name is will.I have been a huge fan of company for quite some time now.I always buy your product,it comes in good quality and it is not so expensive.I was wondering if I could get some company stickers so that I could paste them on my room wall,skateboard and a few on my laptop.If able to send them over,please do send them to 20042 33rd wellborn fl 32094 .Thanks again,keep up the good work and i will always be a big fan of you guys!!

  35. Dickballs says:


  36. banana says:

    peanut butter jelly time

  37. Catalina Bustos says:

    Hey my name is Catalina Bustos and I have always loved your stuff. I’m wondering if I can get some free stickers, or posters so I can put on my bedroom, skateboard, and notebook. If so can I please have some. Thank you.
    2305 Latrium Cir N
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

  38. COLE says:


  39. Lyle Chipperson says:

    Can you make me a meow meow sweatshirt plsss

    The last one sold out and i will pay top $$$ for one

  40. nobody says:

    enjoi in suits

  41. Søren says:

    couch potatoe

  42. Anonymous says:

    where is jimmys part at

  43. brennan says:

    whats with over vert?. does miika, or jimmy have any more footage. i was looking forwards to those parts.

  44. Jake says:

    360 dump truck

  45. Corbin smith says:

    If your reading this enjoi headcorters or whom ever I love enjoi I just got the new Mario themed board and it’s amazing I learned heal flips the day I got it if your readin this email me at


  46. Ethan says:

    My enjoy Barletta impact support gave me some superior performance but it snapped on me within 3 weeks of owning it. Which is common for most boards i go through, but i dont usually buy top quallity boards like the enjoi impact so its expected. But whenever i Bought the impact i at least thought it would last longer than 30 days… I searched for a customer service link or somewhere i could contact your rep. I hope you know i really enjoi’d the deck, just i beleive it had manufacture issues.

  47. The Rock says:

    Do you smell what the rock is cook’n?

  48. Jim Jim says:

    Wow I’m on the enjoi site.

  49. mason kolda says:

    I was wondering if I could have a couple of your companies stickers. I really love your companies products and would like some stickers to put on my longboard and to give to my friends. By sending me stickers it will help your company advertise and will satisfy your costumers. I would really appreciate it if you could send me some. my address is.

    3805 captain drew

    Williamsburg VA


  50. bruvva says:

    skatings mad

  51. Ruben says:

    Just read the Enjoi Oververt article in the Thrasher mag. Just wanna say Louie has a great outlook on his new position as brand manager. Tell Jose I’m sorry for saying he looks like he dresses at Old Navy haha, but really though the shingles suck.

  52. Max says:

    I got a enjoi board at val surf… I rode it for about 3 1/2 days and it broke… The day that skateboard broke all my hopes and aspirations went away…

    Can you dudes hook me up with a deck…

  53. Shayne says:

    Hey Enjoi,
    I really like the products you sell for skateboarders like myself. I would really appreciate some stickers to slap on my board and helmet. My address is:
    14 Billancourt Crescent
    Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    L6P 1V8
    Thanks, Shayne

  54. jackson pilz is the says:

    Are you guys off your heads?? Put him on the team !! Use need a aussie on there somewhere and hes the one

  55. JERRY HSU IS MY BABY says:

    Love Enjoi so much. I gave birth to jerry as he fathered my children. Rocking the rasta panda deck for my steezy af ollies. Once cleared a hose, now I’m unstoppable. Plz send me some company stickers for my deck, guitar, wall, poster, laptop and sister. I would buy them but my local skateshop only has skateboard parts, no accessories (like stickers).

    My address is:

    11 Carabeen place
    Halls Head
    Western Australia
    Planet Earth
    Milky Way galaxy

    Thanks in advance…

  56. Taylor T. Trenton says:

    Yo Enjoi! Taylor T. Trenton here (my skate bros call me T3). I have been a fan of ur company forEVER (about 3 wks but whose counting really LOL). I was hoping you could send me some free stickers so that everyone who enjoi’s my skateboarding can enjoi your company and buy your stuff (enjoi? Get it? Haha right!). Here’s my address:

    My Parent’s House
    1234 I Don’t Understand Basic Economics Yet street
    LOL, California 70541

    Thx dudes!
    –sent from T3′s iPhone (purchased by my…

  57. austin says:

    i got a a enjoi deck yesterday did a board slide on a small flat rail and it snapped in half fucking amazing boards

  58. Obama says:

    You get my footy?

  59. Erik Zabala says:

    Dear Reader,
    my name is Erik. I think that Landyachtz is a great company. I was wondering if you could send me some free stickers so that I could represent your company, as I think they are so good. If that is possible, that would be awesome! Thanks, Erik
    I live in UK
    my address is

    59 Seldon House
    Stewarts Road

  60. i miss you says:

    i miss you

  61. daboofa says:


  62. Hamish says:

    Hi Enjoi I just got a new skateboard and I love your brand so much so I was wondering if I could get some stickers.
    If so could you send them to
    8 Penong Ave Camden Park South Australia


  63. Will Keller says:

    ps love u

  64. Will Keller says:

    also if no can i have some stickers

  65. Will Keller says:

    Hey guys can you sponsor me? Im not very good but you all seem pretty chill and i have a few sick deck ideas so hmu anytime.

  66. Joe says:

    Hey guys I have recently bought merchandise off of you and I am putting stickers on a massive board for an artwork I will send some when finished but I was wondering if you were able to help me out and send some stickers down if you are cool enough to send me some down could you email me back to verify

    Cheers Joe

  67. Joe says:

    Sorry guys aha my address is 53 smith street mayfield east (2304) Newcastle Australia

  68. Joe says:

    Hey guys I have recently bought a deck off of you guys and in art I am making an artwork that I am involving stickers in and I would be extremely greatfull if you were able to send me a sheet of stickers

  69. buttface the 11th says:

    but then enjoi flowed me and everything was better :’)

  70. buttface the 11th says:

    then i took a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge shit

  71. buttface the 11th says:

    i ate burger king earlier

  72. buttface the 11th says:

    once there was a boy
    he really wanted free junk
    but he was stuck in arkansas…
    …with daniel haney
    everytime the boy saw haney he wanted to jump off a bridge
    everytime the boy saw haney he wanted to suffocate himself in his fridge
    everytime he saw haney he hoped he would slip and break his cartaledge
    then enjoi flowed the boy and everything was okay
    the end.

  73. buttface the 11th says:

    5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2
    my life is stuck in a infinately loop flow me and help break this teedious cycle
    ice cream
    cultural relativity

  74. Nick says:

    Hey. I love your comapny.
    I was wondering if you could hook me up with some stickers to rep you guys. I would put them on my skatboard and helmet and also the mini ramp in my backyard that all my friends skate on. Please email me and let me know. Thanks for your time.

  75. kyler bellerose says:

    My name is Kyler and I’m a skater from Edmonton, AB Canada and I was wondering if I could get some free stickers?
    I would love to throw them on my board.
    Please Respond.


  76. Zakaria EZZAAMARI says:

    Boooyah !

  77. Anonymous says:

    Greetings to all! I’m a big fan of your company. It is a pity that your shop is not in my town. So I have to go to another big city shopping. And your board I booked online.
    It’s a shame that I never got a sticker from you!
    If you send me a sheet of stickers, I would be very grateful! Thank you very much!

    My address:

    Daniil Khalyapin
    Zelenaya, 57/15
    Novotroick, Russia

  78. Joshua says:

    My email is plz contact me to get my adress

  79. Joshua says:

    Would I be able to get some stickers for my board? If I put my adress?

  80. Joshua says:

    Do u think u could get some stickers for my board?

  81. Shaminde says:

    Hey guys

    I’m a longboarder And i saw on my friends deck a amazing sticker from enjoi I hope you would be so awesome that you please can you send me some stickers!!! I put my address below!!

    Many many thanks


    Huisgendijk 12
    Rotterdam, 3079GJ

  82. Flynn says:

    Mom loves me even though I love enjoy

  83. Arthur Butter Winkli says:

    Enjoi is the best brand out there

  84. Butter says:

    turtles are swick

  85. Butter says:

    turtles are swick

  86. Dylan says:

    Hook Adam up! Nothing better than stickys yo rep a company!

  87. Andy says:

    Louie if you read this I would make me happy

  88. dude says:

    Can i get some stickers i love enjoi products and your sick logo!!

  89. OVERVERTT says:


  90. prob the only girl says:

    wad up people

  91. prob the only girl says:


  92. Henry says:

    come to australia!!!

  93. Sebastian says:

    Hey man so i just bought my second enjoi deck because well i love them. I loved the panda logo you can iron on too your clothes and last time it worked perfect but this time not so much i did everything like it said and how i did last time but it came out nasty and ruined my shirt any chance i can get another iron on? Thank you.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Alien workshop was the best until rob d sold and they closed

  95. alaif(sun)rakato says:

    hi, im otakar fiala.. panda is symbol peace in the family. this is woman and men.. sun is god.. i feeling.. enjoi good think :) all people are same. we have a piece of sun.. i´m skater and you 50/50 cuus

  96. Zach says:

    Bruh enjoi is my shit, Loved this brand since I started skating, I support you guys 100%. excited for upcoming releases.

  97. Niamh says:

    Hey i loe your guys Brand wondering if i could get some free stickers to sow them off? send em to 481 Lees Lane Oakville ON L6L 4T3 Canada you can also email me at

  98. anon says:

    Hey I love your guys brand … muuuch love I was wondering if I could have some free stickers to put on my board and my wall. Keep up the sick work :) you can contact me at please and thank you

  99. jzizzle says:

    Hey enjoi I love your skateboards and thanks for being a compay!

  100. Blake Newbold says:


    I am a huge fan of your company and I love your products. Can you please send me any stickers or other free stuff you might have laying around so that I can further show my support for your company.

    My address is:

    Blake Newbold
    40 Winegarden trail
    Dundas, Ontario L9H7M1

    thank you for your time

    Blake Newbold

  101. Victor BREUT says:

    I would like to receive some stickers of your brand.I love your logo.Please,send the stickers to the following address.
    28 rue du general morel 14112
    Yours sincerely

  102. adam rosing says:

    My name is Adam and I think Enjoi is the shit! All of your riders and products are the best in the game! I was wondering if I could get some free stickers to rep the company this skate season. I would really appreciate it if you could make that happen.

  103. pad berson says:

    if u freeze strawberries you can use them instead of ice for ultimate flavorful bong rips :-)

  104. Shane Harris says:

    writing a novel that will include Clark Hassler (as himself). I think he’ll be okay with it. He talks a lot.

  105. steve irwin says:

    Oi m8 ya bloty dingoes are gouna get sherkt m8

  106. Alex says:


  107. Ben Serverian says:

    Hi I love the enjoi decks and graphics as well as the apparel and plan on getting a board soon – the blue lighter – and was hoping I could get some sweet stickers too add. I would really appreciate some stickers and the board would look better with them. Enjoi is beast and I’m trying to get my friends to get one too,
    1070 Carolyn Ave. 95125
    San Jose, California USA

  108. Anonymous says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa and I was wondering if I could get some stickers for me and my friends we would love to sport them on our boards! It would be great if you could send us some! You can contact me for my address at:


  109. Rob Dyrdek says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    Can’t find enjoi stickers to BUY online…. Where they at???

  111. Tony Ezekiel Mariano says:

    My name is Tony and I would love to rep you guys on the beautiful island of Oahu. If it is possible, may you please send me some complementary items from your company? I would appreciate it very much.

    Here is my address:
    94-543 Kahuanani Street
    Waipahu, HI 96797

    Tony Ezekiel Mariano

  112. Paul Rodriguez says:

    I’m just kidding, this ain’t Prod.

  113. rex says:

    enjoi sucks

  114. alex berzin says:

    enjoi is the best team ever i was riding enjoi all my life and i will never stop

  115. Enjoi says:



  116. Michael says:

    If we have a sponsor me tape who do we send it to? no contact information anywhere!?

  117. Ryan Petitti says:

    Hello, my name is Ryan. I am a huge fan of your company as I have been for quite some time and I want to know if your company would send me some free small products or stickers. It’d be really cool and I love your work! My mailing info is below.


  118. Jaxon ennis says:

    Hey my name is Jaxon, I’m a skateboarder from Australia my first skateboard was an enjoi and I’ve never skated anything since and It would mean the world to me if you could send me some free stickers so I can represent my favourite brand ever since I started skating I got all my friends into enjoi decks, and I would love to one day be sponsored by you.
    If you are able to send me some free stickers here’s my email
    Thanks again

  119. Amy Coles says:

    Hey there, my name’s Amy Coles. I was wondering if it were possible for you to send me (if you have any) free logo stickers so that I can show them off to people. If so that would be amazing! My mailing address is: 59 Heather Ave, Kitchener ON, n2b 1m2, Canada. Thanks so much!!


  120. Dakota patel says:

    Hi my name is dakota i was just wondering if you could send me some stickers. I really love your company. My address is 15 Little Alum Rd Brimfield Massachusetts. Thanks !

  121. 2edgy says:

    Do u even lift?

  122. Jack says:

    Enjoi is the shit

  123. stu pidasso says:

    Make decks with fat women on them

  124. Anonymous says:


  125. Jaxon says:

    Hey, my name is jaxon lawrence. I have been a huge fan of your product for quite some time now. It comes in great quality and is not so expensive. I was wondering if I could get some company stickers so I can paste them on my room wall and on my skateboard. If possible please do send them to 4645 sugar maple drive in Ottawa Ontario canada. Thanks again. Keep up the good work and I will always be a huge fan of you guys.

  126. Mike De San Jose says:

    Andar, copy. Saffron has been cocoa brown deposit! This is it.

  127. Michael Molina says:

    Hi I Love Ur Brand And I’m A BMX Rider And I’m Looking For Brand Name Stickers To Rep My Address Is 45 Jackman Dr Brampton Ontairo L6S 2L8 Thanks :)

  128. AzBeeyotch says:

    What happened to Ryan LAy? That’s ok, Preston Harper and Pat Green are the best skaters in AZ right now, hands down. Watch “Can’t hardly Skate” by Brimley, much better than Bag of Suck lol

  129. cunt says:

    is tony hawk on enjoi? can any of you ollie impossible or ollie?

  130. dawson says:

    hey just asking if I could get some stickers to show your companies I skate everywhere and all around me address is 5-141 LINNWOOD AVE CAMBRIDGE ON N1R 1V2 thanks

  131. Anonymous says:

  132. alan says:

    hello, I’m opening a shop and would love to get your products in my store, I’m from Brazil and would like to know how do I buy from you. I await an answer, have a great day

  133. Jonathon Tahtinen says:

    Hi guys my name is Jonathon and I love your company and I love to skate so can you send me some free stuff like stickers and posters so I can rep you. My address is 708 Nightingale blvd. Stillwater, MN, US 55082
    Thanks Jonathon,

  134. Adriana says:

    Hey I hoping if you guys can send me some free stickers. I really love your brand. So can you guys send me some free stickers for my skateboards.
    My address
    516 Highlander Dr Riverside Ca 92507
    Thank you – Adriana

  135. Adriana says:

    Hey I hoping if you guys can send me some free stickers. I really love your brand. So can you guys send me some free stickers for my skateboards.
    My address
    516 Highlander Dr Riverside Ca 92507
    Thank you – Adriana
    My email is

  136. Dookie says:

    i am the best skater in the world. please contact me at me.

  137. Dookie says:

    *farts in your mout*

  138. Nick Francis says:

    Hey guys. Your a huge insperation to me and I have a deck that’s empty and I was just wondering if you could send me a couple free stickers so I can show off how amazing you guys are. I also snowboard and I am trying to completely sticker up that as well, I will show off your products and show how amazing you guys are. Please send a few free stickers to me. It would be amazing!

  139. Mika Panelo says:

    Hey, my names Mika Panelo.
    Your products are the best especially your bearings and hardware.
    I’m wondering if I get some company stickers?
    It would kinda help you guys.
    I’ll put the stickers on my wall, my skatebaord and stuff.
    I’ll help you rep your products cause my skate friends don’t really like emoji that much and I’m gonna show how awesome you guys are if I get some free stickers.

  140. Patrick says:

    Enjoi you guys are litterally great your skate videos make me feel so inspiered to skate I cant land much but you guys are a huge inspiration!!

  141. THAT guy says:

    I like pandas.

    They’re cute.

  142. Patrick says:

    i just want to say i love everyone on this YOUR ALL FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!

  143. lucifer says:

    i approve

  144. Slizbot says:

    Hey enjoi guys how do we send in footage? What’s that email for the humble and hopeful?

  145. Moo moo says:

    No my mom does not like Anime

  146. Austin Mooren says:

    Hi my name is Austin. I just bought a new long
    board deck that is completely blank and i have
    a goal of completely covering the bottom and
    parts of the top with stickers. I was just
    wondering if you send out free stickers to
    people who ask and if you do, can you please
    send some to me?

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