this is Louie Barletta

sweet lou flat barletta, bowl cut, war paraphernalia, sweater vest, king cobra, cabinet maker, the mansion, duffs, knock knee’d, the captain, krux trucks, team green, ancient relic, ankle bracelet, unmatching socks, patterson, vespa, mattress full of cash,  no cell phone, no facebook, no twitter, no phone, no clue, finger flip, dickies, nc boardshop, ghetto pizza, steak, siouxsie, jenkins, mob grip, filthy huge boobs, sea food, weird science, pirate theme, prom party, coin operated washing machine, super taqueria carne asada burrito, i won’t share you, get your ass to mars, 50 caliber sniper rifle, jazzland, san fernando house, 17teenish, oscar wilde, rambo-ner, tantau empire, cardigans, republican, socialist, walk the plank, cats and dogs, basquiat, italian stallion, the shocker, pig wheels, mad dog 20/20, pepsi, swiss, bearings, chicken fettuccini, freeloader, special agent dick trickle, bones bearings, you’re the one for me fatty, nose ring, competition, laughter, socialism, three balls, brixton, guam refugee camp, emails, business lou, twinkle, beef jerky, frolicking, peter pan, sketchers, goth night, bowling turkeys, tater tots, a trip to neverneverland and a vicar in a tutu.